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AutomotiveNational Data Reveals Strategies for Motorists to Avoid Costly Fines Due to...

National Data Reveals Strategies for Motorists to Avoid Costly Fines Due to Number Plate Errors

Drivers Urged to Stay Informed about Recent Number Plate Regulations to Prevent Hefty Penalties

Motorists are being strongly advised to verify the compliance of their number plates in order to eliminate the risk of receiving a substantial fine or facing a failed MOT inspection for their vehicles.

Experts at National Numbers, a leading provider of personalized registrations, have issued a warning to drivers, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that their number plates adhere to the current road legal standards. This is particularly crucial for those who have purchased a new car or replaced their number plates after September 2021, when the legislation underwent changes.

The revised rules prohibit the use of number plates featuring 3D-printed digits or any two-tone effects, including carbon fibre-style plates with black and grey lettering. Instead, the updated regulations mandate the use of solid black digits, creating a clear contrast between the background and the letters. This contrast facilitates the identification of vehicles by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, even when they are moving at high speeds during both day and night.

According to the updated British Standard BS AU 145e, which was introduced two years ago to address road safety concerns and improve law enforcement, all new number plates must be manufactured accordingly. These enhanced plates are designed to withstand abrasion caused by dirt, road grime, and jet-washing, ensuring their longevity.

David Edwards, the operations director at National Numbers, the UK’s most established dealer of personalized registrations, commented, “There are still drivers on the road who remain unaware of these requirements, putting themselves at risk of incurring avoidable fines.” He further added, “Given that the latest changes have been in effect since late 2021, traffic authorities are unlikely to be lenient towards individuals claiming ignorance once they are stopped. For this reason, National Numbers strongly encourages all drivers to ensure their number plates are compliant with the law.”

Motorists found with incorrectly displayed number plates can face fines of up to £1,000 and their vehicles may fail the MOT test. In some cases, the registration number may be permanently withdrawn. Moreover, the consequences may extend to insurance claims, as insurance companies might deny coverage following an accident if the number plates are not in compliance with the regulations.

Thankfully, drivers have a variety of legal alternatives to choose from for replacement number plates. Traditional acrylic plates with solid black printed digits, widely used and compliant with the new regulations, offer excellent visibility and legibility. An increasing number of drivers are opting for “3D” and “4D” plates, which feature modern gel or solid black acrylic digits, respectively. These alternatives provide a distinctive appearance while ensuring compliance, as long as the digits are securely fixed and non-removable.

We invite car owners to visit our website to explore the extensive range of alternative number plate formats available.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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