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Jay Lamusica: From a Small Town in Italy to Nationwide Award-Winning

A new visionary and award-winning entrepreneur, Jay Lamusica has defined his unique imprint in the music business by creating breakthrough artists with innovative concepts that have disrupted the industry.

Among his numerous awards, he won his first Art Award at the age of 7 in Italy (Bologna, Emilia Romagna), and recently Greater London Enterprise Awards (2022).

Jay Lamusica expressed his gratitude for the honor, stating, “We know we competed against some absolutely outstanding companies in the music industry, so it was totally unexpected but a massive honor to win an award that we’re really proud of.”

He launched Shodement, a premium artist development platform in 2012 with the purpose of transforming the music industry. The platform develops and invests in artists around the world without compromising the ownership of their copyrights.

His idea for Shodement, now based in Canary Wharf London, started after all his friends and artists were turned down by traditional record labels while he was in college. He then decided to keep going and build the label of the next generation instead.

Fast forward to today, helping his friends in college with music became a skill that is now understood by leading private equity giants. The finance sector was able to finally understand the value of music content and Jay’s company was caught into a multi-billion music asset opportunity in 2020.

The management team then instead expanded with a multi-million advance facility, to create a new way for artists to access capital for content.

The product can offer unlimited capital ( Up to £10m ), so artists can scale worldwide without losing ownership of the music rights. The Shodement team works closely with the artists and builds them from zero to a “Music style IPO”.

Today, the company’s portfolio includes 100 creative jobs created through its social responsibility initiatives in London and its artist development platform empowering the artists of tomorrow.

Olivia McHugh
Olivia McHugh
Staff writer
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