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HealthBRIGHTER SMILE FOR DARKER DAYS: Impress launches tooth whitening service

BRIGHTER SMILE FOR DARKER DAYS: Impress launches tooth whitening service

–    Impress has launched a laser tooth whitening treatment in its clinic in Manchester

– The new treatment is guaranteed to make your smile 5x brighter!


Impress, one of Europe’s leading orthodontics chains specialising in clear aligners, has today announced the launch of a brand-new tooth whitening treatment. As a stand-alone treatment, the laser tooth whitening is available for just £300 or free when purchased in November with the oral health and beauty pack


Unlike at other cosmetic dentistry clinics, tooth whitening at Impress is led by a doctor to ensure that patient health is the number one priority. On your first, free consultation, a doctor will evaluate your case and recommend the best solution for you – including the number of sessions required and aftercare advice.


The process is simple: a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth, and a laser is shone on them to activate the whitening. Following treatment, to ensure the best results, doctors at Impress advise avoiding staining foods for 48 hours; this includes things you’d expect like coffee and red wine, but also chocolate, soy sauce and cured meats.


So, what can you eat? Impress experts recommend sticking to white foods where possible, for at least the first two days after each tooth whitening session. Foods such as milk, chicken and rice work well, as does yoghurt, potatoes, and bread.


After the first 48 hours it’s recommended to rinse your mouth after eating dark coloured foods, drink through a straw, and make sure you’re snacking on lots of dairy to strengthen enamel, and acid-neutralising foods like apples, bananas, and celery.


Daniel Brown, UK Country Manager for Impress, said: “We’re really excited to launch our tooth whitening service in the UK. It’s a treatment we’ve always offered as part of our invisible aligner package, but due to high demand we are now offering tooth whitening as a standalone treatment – no obligation, no nonsense. At Impress you can be sure you’re in the right hands, as a medical professional is designed to your case and will work with you to achieve the smile you want.”


Tooth whitening is now available at all of Impress’ flagship clinics at major cities throughout the UK. The treatment is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over, with healthy teeth, and moderate staining.


To book in for your consultation, visit www.smile2impress.com/uk

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