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Thought LeadersThe Most Shocking Cases with lucky people

The Most Shocking Cases with lucky people

Have you ever wondered how a casino, mystery, and crime became a triad? Don’t sweat it; the reason is simple. Crime, mystery, and gambling have a long-drawn history. However, before starting, you should visit the UK casino bonus sites for more virtual casino options. You will thank us later. Also, why not visit some of the best online casinos? Here are some you might like:

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Do you know what’s even more intriguing? People who venture into real money casinos go to any length to clean the clocks of rival gamblers. Their actions come from greed, debt, and obsession with exercising power. We mean that they would kill to dominate the gambling world regardless of their histories. We cannot shy away from the fact that the underworld controlled the pubs during the prohibition era.

The implication was that every gambler could barge into any pub, gamble, and drink whatever they wanted. So, yes, some of the plots in films like 3000 Miles may be nothing but fiction. However, this does not mean there are no shocking historical and current stories about a gaming house, especially concerning crime. More than that – there were even casino-buses that could give players the ride to the nearest casinos.Now that you know that the world of gaming sites is more than what meets the eyes, here are some films that can show you a few shocking things.

  • Bond’s Casino Royale
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • Mississippi Grind
  • Win it all
  • Bugsy
  • 21
  • Rounders and many others

We’re about to discuss the most shocking cases in gaming houses. So now you should get your popcorn ready, sit back, and relax.

An Infamous Abductor Loses Over 250 Million Dollar Earnings to Casino

In most cases, the tales play out differently. Ordinarily, it is the gaming house that falls victim to a fraudster. In this case, they lose all their pennies (a whopping sum of money) to a con artist.

However, in this tale, we will walk you through a cheat who lost all his pretty pennies to gambling (that is, a casino). Interesting right?

Tales of Tze-Keung

Tze-Keung was one of Zhongguo or China’s most notorious cheats. You would not believe that he managed to earn a whopping amount of 250 million dollars or even more. He did this just by demanding a gross amount of ransoms from the wealthy Chinese. This man was obsessed with gambling. He carried himself confidently as though he would rule over every gambling centre, especially gaming houses.

Aside from his identity as an abductor and gambler, he had the pseudonym “big spender.” The reason was that he had an extravagant lifestyle. Tze showed off his affluence by offering free monies and bounties to friends and family members. On many occasions, he lavished several amounts of bucks on strangers that he barely met at the roadside or gaming houses.

Even though Tze lived a three-faced life, every aspect of his life pointed at betting and a gaming house.

Tze-Keung Robbery and Abduction Ransom

Tze-Keung collaborated with one other Chinese man. They engaged in several robberies within Hong Kong. For instance, the partners-in-crime carted away with a gross amount of 25.4 million dollars and more on two occasions at the Kai Tak Airport. However, as fate would tame them one fateful day, they met their waterloo during an airport robbery. The police wiretapped them, and they were sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. That happened to be around September 1991.

However, Tze-Keung appealed against the judgment sometime around 1995. So, yes, he was released when the court ruled that there were no substantial pieces of evidence pointing him to the crime. But unfortunately, his partner’s jail sentence was extended to forty-one years because he was found guilty.

Upon release from detention, Tze explored abduction. However, his target market was first to second-generation business people. Just about 1997, he abducted the son of a wealthy man known as Li Ka-Shing. In the following few months, he also abducted a real estate mogul. All his earnings from these abductions amounted to over two hundred and fifty million.

Destiny tricked him again when he failed to abduct an important Chinese politician named Anson Chan. Upon realizing this, Tze fled after planting some explosives in a government building. Eventually, he was prosecuted with over thirty-five other fraudsters and put on trial.

Upon his arrest, it turned out that he had squandered all his earnings from abduction in a gaming house. Later, Tze confessed to all his crimes after failed attempts to quash his conviction.

As a result, he was sentenced to death. In any case, Tze is an appalling case. All his life was for a casino bonus and nothing but casino. Tze’s case is one of the most shocking gaming house cases.

The Winner Who Had No Penny

You may find it difficult to believe this. But this was a stark reality. A popular virtual casino fanatic had always wanted to play the jackpot. Her name was Katherine, and she was a Canadian. Little did she know that playing the jackpot at that time would be a watershed event in her life.

Katherine garnered free spins at the casino, which is common among gamblers. Then she utilized the spins. Surprisingly, it was a winning streak that earned her over 1,600 dollars.

Girl in a Retro Dress

A gambler woke up out of the blue. To his surprise, he realized he had dozed off in one of the frequented casinos. The most intriguing part was that he found a pretty lady in a vintage dress staring at him. Fearful, the man stood up and walked to the gaming house table. At that point, the table began to shake.

The more the lady stared at the table, the more the table shook. The table stopped spinning as soon as the ghost-like lady stopped watching.

The man watched in disbelief as she disappeared. That was because the lady inspired him to wager the correct numbers throughout the game. He had several winning streaks on that day.

During subsequent visits, the man would walk confidently to the casino table and wager using the numbers inspired by the spirit. For the man, that encounter was his miracle.

The Convicted Poet and His Girlfriend

One of the creepiest gaming house stories occurred in 1993. The love birds (Heather and Robert) hatched a robbery plan and executed it at Circus Casino, which made the workload of casino employees even worse.

Before this, Solis wrote a poem under a pseudonym and persuaded other poets to petition for his release. So this means that he was a notorious trickster.

The lovers relocated to avoid potential apprehension by the police. However, Heather turned herself in after breaking up with Robert around 2005. In any case, no one knew Solis’s whereabouts since then.


Without touching crimes, you cannot discuss the most hair-raising events in gaming houses. Most of these cases happened because some players wanted to defraud a casino. Now the point is that no one gets any better by defrauding a casino. Try as much as possible to be on your best behaviour in any physical casino to avoid unnecessary drama. We hope you find these cases shocking and interesting.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.

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