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Thought LeadersAdvantages of automated storage and retrieval systems

Advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems

There are several advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems. In this article we will discuss those advantages and provide you with some bonus tips which will help you to have a better experience.

Whether you are new in the topic or you have some background information you can still get essential information from the article. Thus stay tuned and use your maximum capabilities to enjoy the process. Do not be afraid to implement all the strategies right away and share your own practices in the comments section. 

Let’s get started with some informational parts and then discuss examples of them for a better experience.

Interaction between automated storage system and production process.

Modern information technologies have revolutionized the technical equipment of an industrial enterprise, which has significantly affected the entire technological chain of production, including logistics and warehouse systems. Labor-intensive processes are giving way to automation and robotization with a minimal presence of the human factor, and sometimes with its complete absence.

Computer-controlled warehouse automation systems are today an essential part of the production process at every stage of the production process, which allows you to increase production volumes and gross margins of the company while reducing costs. Unfortunately, automation came to the warehouse of the enterprise relatively recently.

At the same time, given the number of software applications used, as well as the possible amount of profit that an enterprise can ultimately receive, today there is a significant increase in the number of companies that are implementing modern storage automation technologies in their warehouses.

There is a Modula HC, which brings a new level of performance, reliability and safety to high-speed picking operations where ceiling height is limited. The benefit is that it is fast and easy, useful for all the types of performance. 

Now let’s discuss an example of  automation and retrieval systems.

Implementation of the principle “Cargo to the person”

The basis for the creation of automated storage systems is the principle of “Cargo to the person”. In other words, in such storage systems, the goods move towards the person, and not vice versa. As a result, the loading time of the warehouse, as well as the search for cargo, are significantly reduced, since more demanded products are placed closer to the delivery window by the computer system. 

When servicing the system, the operator is located at the issuing window and does not move around the warehouse area, and the shelves with the necessary goods are automatically fed to the issuing window at his request, which significantly reduces the risk of dangerous situations.

Generally, nowadays software is more useful and for all the types of the regulations, it is better to use software rather than hiring some professionals for it. Do not be afraid to subscribe to the software, as they can save your time and money. If you need accounting services, think about having an accounting software rather than hiring an accountant. As the softwares has better customer support and is always ready to have a customer well-being approach and innovative techniques. 

The main types for the Security Measures

Personnel safety

In automated systems, the required storage unit is fed to a convenient height for the operator. Access to stored goods is provided without additional physical effort on the part of the warehouse employee. Also, the set of equipment for automated storage systems includes safety light barriers. All this eliminates the possibility of injury to operators even when working with heavy loads.

Storage security

Providing maximum protection of products from the effects of external adverse conditions, automated storage systems prevent damage or theft of stored products. Access to goods within the system is carried out after authorization of the personnel by entering an access code into the warehouse system control panel. Each warehouse operation and actions of operators are recorded by the system.

Integration into the customer’s accounting system

To ensure optimal efficiency and throughput when using an automated storage system, it must be integrated with the warehouse management system of the enterprise. The indisputable advantage of our storage systems is easy and convenient integration into the customer’s accounting system. These systems can be combined into one and manage inventory from one computer.

QA Testing for Having Professional Experience

To have a professional experience you need to have QA testing and skipping this step can be a tragedy for you. As QA helps you assure the quality and to qualify the measures that you are currently using.

Investing in the quality of your product will give you long term positive consequences and help you to have better user experience, which means views, leads and eventually sales. 

The product line of modern warehouse equipment designed and manufactured by good software includes the following types of systems:

– automated storage systems of elevator type in open and closed versions;

— automated rack-type storage system;

— automated storage systems of fan type;

— automated storage system of horizontal type.

Automated Storage Systems in Other Terms

This type of automated warehouse system provides for a movable cell structure for storing goods. The racks are divided into sections, each of which has its own electric drive and control. Each vertical rack or horizontal row has a special place for unloading goods.

If it is necessary to pick up the load, the electric drive is turned on, and the cells begin to move around inside the rack in a circle using a chain mechanism. As soon as the required package arrives at the unloading point, it is pushed out and transported further automatically or with the help of a forklift.

The main disadvantage of such a system is the inability to change the cell size. Therefore, such systems are often used in production warehouses with guaranteed package sizes.

In rooms with low ceilings, the carousel can be designed horizontally. In this case, this will be represented by single-level deep racks. One of the options for a horizontal carousel is mechanized hangers in clothing warehouses.

Lift storage system

Automated warehouse storage systems for goods of the elevator type are built according to the type of classic racks. To move goods along them, a special lifting and transport device (shuttle) is used, moving along the shelves along the guides.

The advantage of lift racks is their modular nature, which means that they can be quickly scaled in length and height. The cell size and capture mechanism can also be changed by simple upgrades or even programming.

Concluding Points 

Automated warehouse systems are especially effective for standard container sizes and a small assortment of goods, so they are rarely used in retail. However, already in building stores with a high rental rate, their use may be justified. 

If you are new in this topic, we hope you got the most answers of your questions and now you feel more certain about what you should follow.

This topic needs more attention and of course you need to read more about it if you want to develop your own way of organizing and thinking strategies. Tend to be productive and always maximize the capability of learning. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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