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Thought LeadersWhy have side hustles become more popular?

Why have side hustles become more popular?


Side hustles are more popular than ever. You can earn extra money or try out a different career path with a side hustle. You could work at the local pub on the weekend or launch your own business. You can choose a side hustle that works with your lifestyle and a full-time job.


In the pandemic, thousands of UK workers were furloughed from their roles and left with a lot of spare time at home. Many started a side hustle to fill their time and earn some extra cash in a time of financial uncertainty. Thousands of small businesses launched in 2020 and some of them are still running today. A side hustle can help you fulfil a passion or career goal that your full-time job does not.


Here are a few tips for starting a side hustle.


Make sure you have the time


A side hustle relies on your spare time. You might need to dedicate your time on weekends and evenings to the side hustle. If you don’t have the time available, a side hustle might be more stress than it’s worth. Take a look at your schedule and consider how much spare time you have available. You need time to rest and enjoy your hobbies as well as carry out your full-time job. You could work on your side hustle in the early morning or late at night. Or, it might not be the right time in your life to start a new adventure.


Find something you’re passion about


You need to be interested and passionate about your side hustle. For example, you might be passionate about earning extra money for your wedding day. You need a purpose for the side hustle. You could launch a small business in an industry you adore, from makeup to hiking accessories. When you are tired after working all day, you need a reason to keep working on your side hustle.


Do your research


Once you have an idea for your side hustle, you need to start researching. For example, forex trading is a fantastic side hustle that requires a little research. You need to learn how to trade and the different strategies involved. You can learn as you trade, and research will become a part of your daily hustle routine.


It can improve your quality of life


A side hustle can inject a little passion and excitement back into your life. You can work on something that you truly love instead of just working to pay the bills. Your side hustle could help to improve your mood and quality of life. You just need to fix the right one.


Pick up a side hustle and start earning extra cash.

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