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BlogEnhancing Social Media Marketing for Care Homes: Four Effective Strategies

Enhancing Social Media Marketing for Care Homes: Four Effective Strategies

In today’s digital age, social media marketing is crucial for businesses across all sectors, including care homes. Many care groups have turned to social media platforms as tools for business growth – in tackling recruitment challenges, attracting clients, and building community engagement that has lasting effects.

Executing an effective social media marketing strategy, however, requires thought and careful planning. If care groups and homes want to reap the rewards, each should be aware of what works, and what does not. Increasingly, we are witnessing a widening gap between and best and the rest. Testament to the rising importance of social media use is the growth of care home marketing providers across the social care sector, who advise clients on the best approaches for success.

To make sure you keep up with these trends, below we break down four key strategies care homes can employ to maximise the potential of social media in their plans for business expansion.

  1. Showcase Real-Life Stories and Testimonials

One valuable approach is to use social media to share real-life stories and testimonials from residents and their families. These can create a powerful emotional connection with your audience and can materialise in a multitude of ways. Resident birthdays, special trips or other celebrations are particularly compelling, and often garner the most interaction on social media. Not only do these kinds of posts provide authenticity and credibility, they also showcase the positive experiences and quality of care provided by your home. By highlighting these personal stories, potential clients can better understand the compassionate environment your care home offers, helping to build trust and influence their decision-making process. Further, it also provides a sense of trust and reliability among residents themselves and their families.

Sharing reviews online can also be particularly useful. Often reviews come from family members of loved ones of former or current residents, and they offer followers a more tangible insight into the nature of your care provision. They paint a picture, in words, that requires no inference. The loved ones of prospective residents are often in the same position of those who are writing reviews, so it can resonate in an especially valuable way.


Showcasing both the real-life stories of residents along with reviews and testimonials are useful in making clear the respect, compassion, and kindness that that your home provides to those it cares for.

  1. Utilise multiple platforms

Utilising a variety of social media platforms allows care homes to reach a broader audience. Each platform has its unique demographic and style of content that performs best. For instance, Facebook – and increasingly LinkedIn – is great for community building, highlighting campaigns and sharing updates, while Instagram can showcase the visual aspects of your care home through photos and videos. LinkedIn is also ideal for professional networking and recruitment efforts.

TikTok, a rapidly growing industry, may also be an option for care groups hoping to truly stand out in an as-yet relatively unsaturated market. By diversifying your platform usage, you can effectively target different segments of your audience, enhancing overall engagement and visibility. Your reputation on these platforms can have a profound impact on the perception – and success – of your business. 

  1. Mark events and trends 

Actively participating in and highlighting relevant events and trends helps keep your social media content timely and engaging. This includes acknowledging holidays, health awareness days, or even local community events. Recent sector campaigns have drawn much attention on social media, and referring to these campaigns on your accounts can show that your home and group is keeping abreast of broader industry trends and conversations. Skills for Care’s recent hashtag campaigns, for example, including #CelebratingSocialCare and #KeepTheRightPeople, have provided an opportunity that homes and groups can take advantage of in their social media usage. Campaigns such as these can also provide a personal touch when you are able to showcase staff and residents alike.

  1. Build community engagement

Fostering a sense of community through your social media channels is essential for long-term engagement. In the most successful examples, communities built through social media extend far beyond local boundaries. This can be achieved in several ways: by regularly interacting with your audience, by responding to comments, and by and encouraging discussions on a variety of topics.

To build engagement, some care groups have turned to inviting followers to partake in competitions, for example choosing the winner of an inter-home baking competition or asking followers to share how they might be celebrating Easter or Christmas. In both, social media use can foster a strong sense of community among followers, with positive repercussions for your perception and reputation. Hosting virtual events, such as Q&A sessions or live tours of your facility, can also enhance community spirit.

By building a strong online community, you not only retain the interest of current followers but also attract new ones through word-of-mouth and shared content, ultimately supporting your care home’s growth and reputation.


There is much value to be derived from social media use in your care business. It builds engagement, enhances perception, fosters a wide potential client base, strengthens the bond between your care home and your residents, and places you at the forefront of industry conversation. These four strategies can form the foundation of maximising the potential of social media. Try them out in your care home and see where it takes you.

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