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TransportBusiness owner's guide: How to ensure your car passes its MOT

Business owner’s guide: How to ensure your car passes its MOT

Many people around the country use their car as an essential part of running their business. It isn’t just Mancunian tradespeople in self-owned white vans, either, because sometimes humble hatchbacks are enough to get service providers from A to B. These days, anyone from mobile dog groomers to sports physiotherapists might need their car as a means of being where they need to be to do their work.

Therefore, failing an MOT could be a disaster. If you’re a self-employed business owner and can’t get to where you need to be, then you cannot earn. Worse, still you could do your business reputational damage because people will think you’re unreliable. How do you make sure your car passes its MOT?

Check the obvious things

You might not be a mechanic but you can check the common things that cars fail MOTs for. One of the top reasons is something as straightforward as under-par tyres. Make sure your tyres have no sidewall bulges and sufficient tread depth when you need an MOT or you will fail. Ensure your wiper blades are working fully, too, since worn-down ones may result in poor visibility, another common cause of MOT failures. The same goes for ageing seatbelts that might need to be replaced prior to your MOT test.

Book a reputable inspection centre

The most important decision you take is; the selection of the garage where you book your inspection from. A smart approach is to go for a garage with certified mechanics. Doing so ensures that your vehicle will be thoroughly checked by experts, giving you peace of mind.

However, it can be a bit intimidating to choose a MOT expert. Fife Autocentre provides local prices & you can book MOT with professional specialists who will inspect your vehicle. One approach is to book a car service for your vehicle and then have the MOT conducted afterwards. This makes sense if you have time to get on with other tasks. If not, book a service the week prior to your MOT. Once you get the inspection done, you will be stress-free and none of your business trips or commutes will be compromised.

Ensure your mileage log is up to date

When a car is put in for an MOT, it will have its emissions tested as part of the process. This can add a few miles onto your milometer so make sure your log is up to date before this happens. You will need to separate out personal from business mileage when you do your tax return. Taking your car to an MOT centre would count as business mileage if your vehicle is primarily used for work.

Book an MOT early

You can book an MOT one month before the next one is due. This way, you can find a convenient moment that won’t mean losing work because your car is tied up being repaired. Note that when you book an MOT earlier than needed, you don’t lose time on it. The next one will still be a year down the line.

Helen Greaney
Helen Greaney
I'm a journalist with more than 18 years' experience on local, regional and national newspapers, as well as PR and digital marketing. Crime and the courts is my specialist area but I'm also keen to hear your stories concerning Manchester and the greater North West region.
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