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BusinessWhy should businesses use friendly faces in their advertising?

Why should businesses use friendly faces in their advertising?

Advertising is a complex battlefield for businesses, with many different methods for success depending on the service offered and the target demographic. While some winning strategies can only be discovered through market research and testing, other tactics seem to work across the board.

One marketing technique that has a powerful effect in any field is the use of friendly faces. When people see a smiling person, it may increase the chances that they will interact.

Online casino sector provides evidence for the draw of friendly faces

One of the best places to see the power of human faces in action is in the online casino industry. People who play online casino for real cash will have noticed a rise in live streaming offerings in recent years. There are games like Crazy Time and Live Roulette that use real world hosts who run the games.

When players scroll through these live options, they see the smiling dealers presented clearly on the thumbnails. This may have a welcoming effect, giving players the sense that they will encounter a friendly atmosphere when they click on the games. The use of a person also adds some credibility to the titles, with players knowing that they will get a genuine and fair playing experience.

Various successful brands have used smiling characters in advertising

Small business owners are wise to look at the most successful brands and industries and replicate their methods. It’s clear from some of the best in the world that the use of friendly faces in advertising has a powerful effect. This could be because humans are inherently social creatures, and because the brain possesses a specialised mechanism for recognising faces. The use of faces in advertising, therefore, can evoke emotional responses and build trust.

Coca-Cola is an example of a company that has used this technique to great effect over the years. The drink company often uses imagery of happy people to show positivity and connection. People who see this then associate the beverage with these feelings and associate the brand with joy and refreshment.

Dove is another brand that put the use of smiling faces to good use in its Real Beauty campaign. In addition to the warm expressions on their faces, the company used a wide range of people of all body types so that they were relatable to a broader audience.

How can you implement this in your marketing?

One of the best ways for businesses to market themselves in the internet age is through social media advertising. When users scroll through these sites, they often see images of people. Therefore, using faces in marketing materials helps them to fit in seamlessly.

Gathering client testimonials can have a powerful impact for small businesses. If you get these in video form, you can use them directly in your marketing campaigns and connect with customers in this way.

Putting a face on your marketing materials can help to foster trust in consumers and forge an emotional bond early on. Some of the best businesses in the world have used this strategy, so small businesses should aim to do so as well.

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