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Importance of MDM for Enterprise: An Overview

Every business has now digitalised to provide 24/7 services covering large geographical areas. It is possible by using the latest digital gadgets like various handheld devices. Managing and monitoring these devices is a serious challenge to ensure productivity and data security.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a software solution with a set of tools and features that helps organisations manage and control versatile smart devices like smartphones, tablets, POS, digital signages, IoT, and interactive kiosks. They provide device provisioning, app management, security policy management, and remote monitoring capabilities to streamline device deployment and security. MDM solutions enable business admins to track and support the staff remotely to resolve technical issues and ensure work continuity. 

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Here are some crucial benefits of MDM that support enterprises in streamlining business operations in a friendly environment:

  • Enhanced security and data protection

MDM helps enterprises enforce various security policies consistently on all managed devices to ensure data security and compliance. These policies include setting strong password inputs, multi-factor authentications, data encryption, Wi-Fi, and other network settings.

If the device is stolen or lost, MDM enables admins to remotely lockdown the device to prevent unauthorised access. Furthermore, admins can remotely wipe all the device data or factory reset the device so unauthorised users cannot access or restore the sensitive data. The app management feature also helps ensure data security by preventing malicious apps from installing on managed devices.

  • Improved productivity and efficiency

MDM’s kiosk feature is one of the best tools, allowing enterprises to prevent unnecessary usage of official devices during working hours. Kiosk mode will enable employees to run only business-related apps while restricting all other business operations.

Similarly, app whitelisting, blacklisting, and web filtering also play a significant role in improving productivity of work. Automating various tasks through workflows and scheduling app and software updates, notifications, and alerts are essential to improve work efficiency.

  • Simplified device management and control

MDM provides a centralised dashboard to manage and control official devices without physically reaching them. The dashboard provides detailed insights into connected devices, usage history, and connection details. It helps enterprises to ensure continuous monitoring and provide remote support to the staff to reduce downtime. 

Overview of AirDroid Business MDM


AirDroid Business is a cost-effective and simplest MDM solution to enroll and manage bulk Android devices for remote management and support. It offers different packages varying in prices and the number of features to provide services at reasonable and affordable prices. AirDroid Business is perfect for app, device, security, and policy management for all industry sizes and types. Here are its incredible features to support businesses:

  • Remote monitor and control

AirDroid Business allows business administrators to monitor a list of devices enrolled in the system remotely and check the performance indicators of each device. Admins can check the online/offline status of each device and the data usage history of the top 10 apps. It gives clear visuals of complete device activities to improve productivity.

And it allows IT workers to remote troubleshoot and control devices from any location. This feature reduces downtime by offering quick and efficient remote support, removing the need for physical device access.

  • Black screen mode

It is also known to be a dark mode. During maintenance, admins enable dark screen mode on managed devices so end-users cannot use it. A message is displayed on the screen that the device is under maintenance. It also serves as a security feature when devices are left unattended. 

  • Apps management

Admins can remotely install and uninstall apps on official devices and restrict employees from removing or installing any app using the AirDroid Business admin console. The test release feature helps ensure that only compatible and standard apps can run on managed devices.

  • Centralised management

AirDroid Business provides an admin console in a central position where an administrator can handle all official devices to provide them with security and remote support. From a central location, AirDroid Business offers clear insights into device usage, location, and performance indicators and also helps them remove ambiguities faced by the staff.

  • Kiosk mode and policy

 With AirDroid’s kiosk mode, admins can select a single or multi-app kiosk mode to run on official devices to run only a business app. For example, an order booking app for restaurant order-taking staff. Setting the policy for security and connectivity enables them to ensure a highly productive and secure working environment.

  • Location and geo-fencing

Transportation, logistics, and online delivery services mainly use real-time location tracking services of AirDroid Business to track vehicles or delivery persons’ locations and update customers with accurate delivery times. Geo-fencing helps to get alerts when a device reaches a restricted area.

  • Workflows and notifications

Notifications help admins get alerts when something inappropriate happens so they can take immediate action before things get worse. Workflows are organised so specific actions take place automatically when required, like setting the device into power-safe mode when only 20% of the battery is left. 

  • Bulk file transfer

Businesses need an optimal solution for communication and data sharing. AirDroid Business provides both an instant and completely secure file-sharing process. It allows bulk file transferring to ensure smooth and timely delivery for processing. Data encryption protocols like TLS ensure secure file transfer without disturbance.

Customer stories integrated with AirDroid business

Customer story 1:

A transport company in the UK provides mobile devices to its employees to use as a communication medium and for assistance. However, they face multiple challenges after some time due to these mobile devices. They found drivers using excessive mobile even while driving. It not only increased their data costs but also became a reason for accidents by diverting the attention of drivers. Some drivers were found incapable of updating the apps to use them effectively promptly, like Google Maps and other necessary apps. The whole system was disturbed.

With AirDroid Business, they have a centralised dashboard from where the administrators can easily monitor real-time device screens to see what the employees are doing. They can also easily check the device and app usage and its history. The location tracking feature helps them optimize the routes and schedules. They also implemented strong password policies to prevent unauthorized access.

Customer story 2:

A company offering IT and communication services in over 25 countries choose AirDroid Business to manage operations remotely. Before AirDroid Business, they had to pay huge costs to reach various devices and troubleshoot issues, leading to a waste of time for travelling. The company offered services like mobile network operators and CSPs. They used to have long calls on the phone to guide the end-users, but it was not very easy.

After using AirDroid Business, which provides a remote support feature to access any managed device and troubleshoot issues without physically touching them. They gain remote access to the devices from a central position and control activities. It has also simplified the data-sharing process between different offices by enforcing secure communication protocols. Network management policies also play a significant role in managing streamlined business operations. 


MDM has become a vital tool in every industry where smart devices are incorporated to manage business operations. MDM tools enable large organisations with multiple offices to develop a well-organised and professional working environment. Enterprises can easily save sensitive company and valuable customer data from malicious attacks and comply with industry standards by customising policies for devices to run in the business ecosystem. Have a 14-day free trial to experience.

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