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technologyExploring the Advancements in Insurance Policy Management Software

Exploring the Advancements in Insurance Policy Management Software

Insurance is one of the principal industries in the current age. Many insurance providers are in the market providing various kinds of claims and services. Suitable to each customer, these providers create numerous policies that may involve complicated processes of management and execution. It is heavily price-incurring to employ such a huge workforce to cater to the policy administration needs of so many claims and services. Again, with manual methods, countless errors and miscalculations may arise. 

To save time and provide customers with a seamless, smooth experience, digital insurance policy management platforms have now come as a rescue to providers. These online and fully digitized platforms use smart insurance policy management software with automated techniques to process all service requests related to policy management. They can edit and update wordings and generative processes in policies as well as comprehensively process all administrative requirements in the blink of an eye.

How do digitized insurance policy management platforms provide advanced insurance experience? 

Insurance policy management platforms reduce the complexity in the chain of policy administration with a lot of methods. The smart technology used by insurance policy management software enables these digital platforms to improve service levels by automating service requests from end to end. It also creates an interactive platform to keep customers abreast of all regulations related to policy administration. The key advancements in policy management provided by this software are:

Full automation of customer service request lifecycle regarding financial and non-financial requests and the assigning of those automatically.

  • Enabling interactive policy servicing and defining complex rules of calculation for payment and revival requests.
  • Facilitating an omnichannel initiation of requests and automatically allocating cases based on the type of request.
  • Integrated extraction of details related to policy
  • Importing, viewing, and deleting documents simultaneously with built-in split-screen facilities.

The new advanced features of insurance policy management software

Digitized and automated processes of online insurance policy management platforms have multiple features that improve customer experience and retention. They streamline end-to-end policy request services and seamlessly cover all wording and clause requirements. Here are a few of its advanced features:

  • Quotations and their management: This software can manage end-to-end quotation issues. This ranges from capturing data, using it for the calculation of the premium, and invoking those calculation rules to generate the quotation. The software also helps to reduce the turnaround time for the processing and servicing of policies.
  • Automated classification of cases: Fully automated operations used by policy management software help to classify cases faster and without human errors. These provide algorithms based on rules for straight-through processing of endorsements with low complexity. Straight-through processing of policy-related requests is also done effectively with these algorithms. Non-straight-through cases, on the other hand, can go through automatic flagging and assignment to the underwriter.
  • Tailored communication and collaboration: Modern software for insurance policy management can generate documents based on templates through the platforms for management of communication with customers. Communications with customers can become faster, more effective, and more contextual with the help of these platforms. Renewal requests, endorsement letters, and other related communications can be effectively managed.
  • Automatic ingestion of insurance policy details: Digitized software for insurance policy management provides a seamless experience of integration with the policy administration system. This helps in the automatic fetching of all policy-related details. In the end, it reduces the manual efforts required for finding and locating relevant fields necessary for policy endorsement.
  • Compliance measures: Online platforms with smart policy managing software can trace requests and additional related documents through automated reminders and escalations. All these processes ensure full compliance with policy servicing. Auditing of logs, quality checking, and resolution of discrepancies across forms, transactions, and processes are some other measures adopted by these platforms.
  • Seamless creation of policies: Digitized policy management software can create policies seamlessly with:
  1. Detailed view of rules applied at the time of generation
  2. Rule-based wording/clause/policy editing by designated users
  3. Seamless integration with policy administration system for fetching client/coverage/endorsement details, selecting the corresponding template, and applying proper wording rules
  4. Support for batch-based integration and API to get metadata for policy generation


Insurance policy management involves a lot of complex processes that may take a long time and face interventions of human error in manual administration. Digital software for policy administration involves fully automated processing of policy requests and the creation of an interactive centralized interface. This makes management faster and more efficient.

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