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5 Businesses to Start in 2024

If you want to take control of your earning potential in 2024, it’s time to start your own business. Starting a business can be a daunting venture, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Your business can help you to explore your passions and build a career that is more meaningful and rewarding.

It’s never too late to explore your passions and build a business out of something that you love. So, if you’re curious about what businesses could be successful in 2024, read on to learn more about 5 potential ventures that could turn out to be rather lucrative.

Wedding planner

As long as people are still getting married, wedding planners will be in demand. Wedding planners are involved in arranging vendors, helping couples to choose the right colour scheme and design elements for their big day. Wedding planners also provide coordination support on the day so that the happy couple can focus on having fun. You’ll need a creative touch, excellent organisational skills and impeccable communication skills to become a successful freelance wedding planner. 

Pet care business

We’re a nation of pet lovers, so it makes sense that pet businesses always flourish. Whether you’re a dog groomer, a dog walker or dog trainer, you could quickly turn your passion into profit if you know how to market your skills well. Many people got pets during lockdown and are now feeling the guilt of going back to the office and having to leave their pets alone all day. This is why boutique doggie day care and dog walking is taking off. An increased thirst for travel is also driving demand for pet sitting services. 

Mobile tanning salon

People are waking up to the risks of sun tanning and looking for sunless ways to enjoy a healthy and golden glow. Mobile tanning salons help individuals to get the spray tan they love without the stress of having to go out in public with the guide tan still in place. You could get your business started with minimal investment. All you’ll need is some tanning equipment, social media marketing and tanning salon booking software. Social media and word of mouth recommendations will help your business to grow. 

Fitness or wellness coach

People are taking their health and wellness more seriously than ever before. If you have a passion for fitness, yoga or healthy living, you could share this passion with others and help them to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you invest in the right insurance before starting as a freelance fitness coach to ensure your business is protected if something goes wrong.

Meal prep delivery

Everyone wants to eat healthy and nutritious meals, but not everyone has the time to plan their meals, shop for fresh ingredients, cook in bulk and prepare meals for the week ahead. This is where bespoke meal prep delivery comes in handy. If you have good knowledge of nutrition and know your way around a commercial kitchen, you could start your own meal prep delivery service to help people meet their nutritional goals with ease. If you going to deliver locally, you may need a fridge van for this. 

Closing thoughts

New businesses are starting all the time, and if you want to be among these success stories, you need to be willing to take a risk and bet on yourself. Starting a business that is sparked by your passion can be daunting, because you’re investing more of yourself in your business. But this is also a great way to track a path for success, because your customers will be able to see the love and care that you put into everything you do, making it a more authentic customer experience. 

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