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BlogAn A to Z Guide for Men who Suffer from Premature Ejaculation

An A to Z Guide for Men who Suffer from Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a devastating sexual condition affecting both young and older males. In simple terms it is when a man ejaculates too soon when he is sexually aroused. It can prevent some males from ever having a satisfying sexual relationship and can lead to a spiral downwards in depression.

It is far more common than people think and in fact Sexual therapists in the USA report it as the most common sexual concern of men.  Information on treatments on the web is very bitty. Some manufacturers promote a particular type of treatment, the NHS can provide medication but little else, and it is very difficult for sufferers to find a concise summary of all the options available. In this article we aim to provide an A to Z of premature ejaculation treatments

A.  Pills

The first stop for most people is their local doctor or general practitioner. Meds available include brands such as Paroxetine, Priligy Dapoxetine, Fluoxetine and Sertraline. These tend to be easily available and help for some but for others the effects are limited, and increasingly higher doses are needed. These medications are not without their side effects including nausea, headaches, diarrhoea and nausea.   These drugs aren’t just used for Premature Ejaculation and in fact Sertraline is the first line treatment for depression.

B.  Wipes

Another first line treatment is wipes. As the name suggests these wipes are wiped on your penis including the sides and the head. Their aim is to desensitise the penis, which in turn will lead to longer erections and a delay in ejaculation. They are easy to use and can be wiped on and be effective within a few minutes. They contain a drug called benzocaine. This is a very inexpensive option, and it works, but the biggest problem for users is that the benzocaine can also desensitise their sexual partner and cause irritation. For men that have just started a relationship this can be a cause of huge embarrassment. Wipes are also not very effective for long, and they have to be reapplied.  Thery can be bought at your local chemist or online at stores like Amazon.

C. Sprays

Some men prefer to use sprays as an alternative to wipes. They use the same ingredient benzocaine, but the delivery mechanism is different. Sprays are sprayed on the penis. Some consider these less effective than wipes as the spray has to be spread evenly over both the penis head and shaft and there is a risk of overuse and the impact this might have on a man’s sexual partner. However, some men feel more at ease carrying a spray in their bag rather than wipes. It is a personal choice.

D. Sex therapist

Sex therapists are used extensively in the USA, but far less frequently in the UK. Sex therapists in the USA report that Premature Ejaculation is the number one men’s health condition that they treat. This may come as a surprise to people in the UK. But unlike Erectile dysfunction, which is now more commonly accepted since the rise in Viagra, Premature Ejaculation is still a hidden subject, and few men talk about it.  Sex therapists work on the man’s mind not the physical side like all other treatments here. They also help men to adjust to their condition as many men have both failed relationships and depression because of it. Sex therapy may help in these areas but is not a substitute for many of the treatments described here.

E. Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercises have been popular for many years for both men and women for a variety of different medical conditions. This is an excellent exercise for men suffering from premature ejaculation but generally needs a pelvic floor specialist or men’s health specialist to demonstrate how they can be accurately undertaken. Kegel exercises work on strengthening the Pelvic floor to control sexual intercourse and also delay ejaculation. They should be undertaken religiously twice a day for life and should be as normal in the daily routine as brushing one’s teeth. There are limitations on Kegel exercises, and it is impossible to engage more than 40% of the Pelvic floor muscles. Due to technical advances in treatments like the Tesla chair and Functional Magnetic Stimulation which not only replicate these exercises but can conduct thousands of repetitions in a fraction of the time.

F. Stop start technique.

The stop start technique is all in the name. As it suggests it is a form of self-pleasure where men understand the stages coming to a climax and stop just before. For acute Premature Ejaculation sufferers who can’t last more than five seconds this is extremely difficult, but for moderate sufferers of between one to three minutes, this is a must learn technique.

G. Squeeze technique

Like the stop start technique the squeeze technique is all about learning how your body reacts to the excitement of sexual stimulation and controlling the speed of the ejaculation. It is a technique that involves using your index finger at the back of the penis and the thumb at the front to delay the climax. Along with Kegel exercises the Squeeze technique should become part of a daily routine.

H. Tesla Chair

The Tesla chair is one of the medical breakthroughs of the 21st century when it comes to premature ejaculation. With this technology a man sits inside a fairly normal looking leather chair, but what happens next is a feat of engineering. In the space of a mere 20 minutes, the Tesla chair emits electro-magnetic energy that provides the equivalent of 19,000 Kegel exercises. It goes deep into the muscle structures, causing them to contract, become stronger and so enabling men to contract their erections and climax.   Only a few specialist men’s health clinics in the UK use this technology. One such clinic is MansMatters.

I. Functional Magnetic Stimulation

Provided by the same manufacturer of the Tesla chair, Functional Magnetic Stimulation is the same technology, but this time it is delivered in the form of a probe that is placed on a fully clothed penis. This probe causes the penile tissues to contract and expand over 20,000 times in 20 minutes. No other form of treatment on the market is able to do this and it can significantly improve the ejaculatory muscles and control. Many men use this treatment and the Tesla chair as a precursor to undertaking daily Kegel and stop start exercises. It is pain free and there are no side effects.

J. Tens Machine

Tens machines are readily available to buy for self-use. They are also relatively cheap. They have been used extensively for pain but are also used in conjunction with other treatments for premature ejaculation. With a tens machine electrical impulses are emitted directly onto the penis. It is a relatively simple device and should not be compared to the Functional Magnetic Stimulation or Tesla chair, it is a useful machine to have in ones PE armoury.

K. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the first treatment that that enters the realm of invasive technique and does not come without its risk. Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the gland of the penis. Whilst some practitioners do this in a circle around the head, there are no set standards or industry controls. The acid can significantly numb the sensation, so in terms of PE is an effective treatment for a number of months, but there are risks including infections, a pimple appearing on the penis or the more serious side effects of long-term tissue damage, erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease.

L. Selective Dorsal Neurectomy

A more invasive form of surgery for premature ejaculation is Selective Dorsal Neurectomy. This is where cuts in the penis are made and ejaculatory branch nerves or the dorsal nerves are cut within the penis. This reduces sensitivity and hence the plan is that this will delay ejaculation. This is a very specialised form of surgery, and a highly experienced surgeon is required.

M. Cryoablation and Radio Frequency

Whereas with Selective Dorsal Neurectomy branches of the dorsal nerve are cut with Cryoablation and Radio Frequency nerve branches are frozen this is normally undertaken as day surgery. Currently the treatment is in the experimental stages and long-term side effects are not known. However, freezing nerves and tissues does have problems and it could lead to erectile dysfunction in the longer term.

N. Inner condom Techniques

The inner condom is the most invasive of all techniques. Imagine a condom behind the skin of the penis, instead of over it and this will give you a picture of this surgery. A cellular dermal matrix, (ADM) is fitted underneath the shaft of the penis. It forever changes the sensation. Whilst it may decrease sensitivity and work for some men, others complain the sensitivity is no longer natural. Long term risks are as yet unknown.

Premature ejaculation affects a huge number of the male population, but most men struggle on without taking solid clinical advice. One of the best clinics for all the nonsurgical treatments is Shockwave Clinics ltd, they are a specialist regenerative clinic based in Knightsbridge in Central London and are known internationally for their work in Premature Ejaculation, Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction.

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