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“Maintenance is Key,” Stresses Chris Boyd of NSWUK on the Importance of Upkeeping Security Systems

NSWUK, a leading security firm in the UK specialising in CCTV, alarm systems, and cutting-edge security technologies, highlights the challenges that arise when sophisticated setups lack regular maintenance. Recent research indicates that over 30% of service calls are attributed to outdated alarm systems.

Thanks to technological advancements, alarm systems are now more user-friendly and pivotal for the safety of communities. Nevertheless, Chris Boyd from NSWUK emphasises the increased need for upkeep, stating, “The new technology we have in security industries today are incredible, you can now keep an eye on your home, garage or any building in real time at all times, but this means that the new systems in place will need some extra care.”

Ensuring the upkeep of security measures like access control, CCTV, and burglar alarms has always been essential. When security systems fail, the consequences can be severe, risking the safety of individuals, property, and sensitive data.

Modern security systems, with their complex and sophisticated designs, are a significant leap from the traditional analogue CCTV and basic alarms. The industry is moving towards more intricate systems capable of identifying and mitigating potential threats through internet-connected devices.

Chris Boyd reflects on the evolution, “Working with more recent, sophisticated systems has been so rewarding. There are countless advantages to choosing these more advanced systems. In addition to safety, this will make assisting the local authorities much simpler and faster.”

Preventative maintenance involves regular checks by skilled technicians on security installations, whether they are directly managed or under professional oversight. Depending on the system and client requirements, service visits could be arranged quarterly, with each contract tailored to the client’s specific needs. Maintenance contracts ensure that all equipment is kept in optimal condition and that expert technicians are readily available to address any service issues promptly.

Chris Boyd further mentions, “Our maintenance service packages receive the same level of attention and care as our installations.”

NSWUK is committed to delivering bespoke solutions for their clients, ensuring both the installation and subsequent maintenance meet the highest standards. For more information on their tailored packages, visit here.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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