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Matthew O’Sullivan, CEO of Subsidence Ltd, on their innovative and eco-friendly subsidence repair service

We’re keen to understand more about Subsidence Ltd. Could you briefly introduce what your company does?
Thank you. Subsidence Ltd is a specialist subsidence repair service available across the UK, including Manchester. We tackle the problem of subsidence in properties by using a non-invasive, eco-friendly resin injection technique. This method stabilises buildings without the need for traditional underpinning, which can be costly and disruptive.
Matthew, can you share with us the ethos behind Subsidence Ltd and your role as CEO?

Subsidence Ltd is built on a foundation of expertise and dedication to resolving the complex challenges of subsidence. As CEO, my role encompasses driving the strategic vision, ensuring we deliver safe and effective solutions. It’s about leadership that empowers innovation, especially in our use of non-invasive methods like resin injection for subsidence repair.

Subsidence is a topic of concern for many homeowners and businesses. How does it specifically impact Manchester?

Manchester, like many industrial cities, has a varied geological landscape, with some areas more prone to subsidence due to the type of soil and the legacy of historical mining activities. We see cases where older buildings, in particular, are affected by ground movement, and our goal is to address these with minimal impact on the property and the surrounding area.

What are the common signs of subsidence that property owners in Manchester should be aware of?

Signs to watch for include new or worsening cracks in walls, particularly around doors and windows, doors or windows sticking, and visible changes in level on floors. It’s crucial to seek professional advice if these symptoms are observed to prevent further damage.

Could you elaborate on how your approach benefits Manchester’s unique architectural heritage?

Our approach is respectful of the structural integrity and historical value of Manchester’s buildings. By using methods that don’t require excavation, we preserve the original features of properties while ensuring they’re safe and structurally sound.

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, what sustainable practices does Subsidence Ltd implement?

Sustainability is integral to our operation. We use materials and methods that reduce waste and energy consumption. For instance, our resin injection technique requires less material and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional underpinning.

What trends do you see shaping the future of the construction and repair industry?

Sustainability and technology are the two biggest trends. We’re exploring how we can further integrate eco-friendly practices and digital advancements to stay ahead in providing top-tier subsidence repair services.

Finally, any advice for budding entrepreneurs in the construction sector?

Build a solid foundation of knowledge in your chosen field, stay adaptable, and don’t underestimate the importance of forming strong relationships with clients and partners. It’s these relationships that often determine the long-term success of your business.

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Sam Allcock
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