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EnergyGuide to British Gas for Business Energy

Guide to British Gas for Business Energy

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British Gas Review

Internationally renowned energy company British Gas supplies business energy to half a million businesses in the United Kingdom, as well as further afield. One of the many businesses as part of Centrica PLC, British Gas is possibly the most recognised brand offering energy and other services for your business. The team at Fidelity Energy are delighted to collaborate with this industry-leading supplier and are committed to giving honest and unbiased reviews for you and your business, whether you have a microbusiness or a large corporation, British Gas may be the right supplier for you. 

About British Gas

British Gas offers its services to over half a million businesses in the UK and a whopping 9-million homes, making it one of the most trusted energy suppliers in the whole of Britain. Perhaps best known for supplying energy and utilities to homes and businesses, the brand is well known for selling other goods such as boilers, smart meters and even home insurance!

This giant in the energy industry prides itself on excellent customer service, and our experts couldn’t agree more. Customers can take advantage of personalised offers from the British Gas rewards scheme which can get you some fantastic perks like, Sky Movies, tickets for UK attractions and live shows at the O2 arena, as well as Wilbur the Penguin Toys and certain restaurant vouchers! If that wasn’t enough, British Gas introduced their PeakSave Scheme, which offered some smart meter users 50% off their electricity bills on Sundays between 11am and 4pm. This offered expired on the 24th September 2023, but keep an eye out for more potential deals in future. 

British Gas has some other great features, such as competitive energy prices, a commitment to greener energy and even a convenient mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, where customers can easily send off their meter readings and pay their bills in a matter of minutes. 

British Gas Rates and Tariffs

Industry-giant, British Gas, has a number of different energy tariffs on offer for business owners. It is worth noting that we can’t give you exact costs here, as the cost of contracts will vary from customer to customer! 

One of the advantages of choosing British Gas to supply your business energy is that you can customise your energy plan to suit you and your business. There are options for fixed price plans that range from 1-5 year terms, which can be particularly good for managing your energy costs and keeping within budget for your business. What’s more is that you’ll pay the same no matter if the market prices rise, and with the unpredictability of energy prices in recent years, this could be the best course of action. 

British Gas also offers a highly competitive flexible or variable tariff option, which is made up of a rolling contract. This rolling contract lasts for 30 days and offers you and your business much more freedom. Rolling contracts work well for those who are considering relocating, or for those who regularly switch providers to get the best deals. With this type of tariff, you aren’t restricted by contract length, but you may find that your payments will fluctuate based on market prices. This may sound daunting, but British Gas will always give you a minimum of 30 days notice if the price of your contract changes. 

Should you decide that British Gas is the best supplier for you and your business, you will be offered a full bolier service, and whichever tariff you choose it is now easier than ever to keep your energy running smoothly! You can submit meter readings, easily pay your bills and access the full range of services from British Gas at your online account! 

Should I Renew my British Gas Tariff?

Are you an existing British Gas customer coming to the end of your contract? 

The team at Fidelity Energy can still help you! Not only do we help you get the best deals as a new customer and help you with switching to new energy providers, we also help you to get better deals with your existing supplier! 

British Gas doesn’t offer an auto-renew option on their fixed plans, so when your contract is coming to an end, you will need to make a decision to stick with them or make the switch. 60 days before your fixed contract expires, you will be sent a letter of reminder that your contract is ending and any bills paid after the end of your term may be going towards a variable plan, so don’t delay in getting in touch with us. 

Smart Meters from British Gas

Part of the British Gas mission statement is to recommend all businesses to use smart meters. Smart meters allow you to keep track of your energy consumption as regularly as every half an hour, and can be a huge advantage for businesses of all sizes, and British Gas often supply them as part of their deals. 

Smart meters can be an essential tool in accurately tracking your energy usage, and can assist you in finding ways to make your business more sustainable and efficient. This could save you time and money in the long run! It is highly recommended by British Gas and by the experts at Fidelity Energy that businesses switch to smart meters to make the most of their business energy rates!

When getting a quote from the team at Fidelity Energy, we can make use of your smart meter readings to get a clearer understanding of your business and how it uses energy.

Guide to Business Energy with British Gas

As previously mentioned, British Gas offers its customers a positive experience overall with frequent deals and discount schemes, full boiler services for new customers and products for energy efficiency, but our experts felt it was important to note some of the other fantastic features from British Gas. 

Gas Safety Engineers

Any business registered in the UK must comply with gas safety requirements. As part of this, you must ensure that all equipment powered by gas, any pipework and gas flues are frequently serviced by registered engineers. Thankfully, British Gas has a dedicated team of expert engineers ready to service your businesses equipment, as well as a team of customer service operators that you can contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! 

Based on this, business owners can rest assured that they are covered when they take out a business gas contract with British Gas. You can make use of British Gas’ annual boiler and heater servicing, as well as maintenance services for catering equipment and even laundry equipment! 

Services for Landlords

Its good news for landlord when switching gas suppliers! British Gas offers plenty of tariff options that are perfect for property owners, both residential and commercial. Not only do British Gas offer help and advice for landlords meeting their gas safety requirements, getting a Gas Safety Record and regular services and repairs on appliances powered by gas. 

Energy Contracts for Large Businesses

If you are a large business or large corporation owner, you may need to approach your business gas contract slightly differently than a microbusiness, small business or SME. (Small Medium Enterprise). British Gas offer a programme specifically designed for enterprises that spend over £100,000 annually on business utilities, called Energy360. 

Energy360 helps large businesses manage their energy usage by showing how they use their energy and allow them to have more control over their spending via their platform. You will get real-time updates on your energy usage data, which will help your business to save money overall and help you to identify where you are potentially wasting energy. 

This programme is also useful for large businesses that have multiple premises! You are able to keep track of your energy consumption from premises to premises and you can get alerted to any unusual activities or unexpected surges in energy usage. Using Energy360 ensures large corporations are operating within guidelines for the Energy Saving Oppurtunity Scheme and the Carbon Disclosure Project and other government grants and schemes. 

British Gas’ Energy360 programme has three tiers for customers to select:

  1. Monitor – This tier works well for large businesses that want to accurately track their energy usage, and reduce their energy consumption overall. 
  2. Control – This tier works well for large business who want more control over their energy consumption.
  3. Master – This tier is the most extensive for large businesses, offering full control over their energy consumption and frequent updates on their energy performance, meaning your business could reduce its costs and see returns from their investments into energy. 

Commitment to Renewable Energy

Are you a business owner and want to run your business more sustainably? British Gas could be a good option for you. Part of the British Gas mission statement is to create a more sustainable future by helping businesses, big or small, to reduce their carbon emissions. 

British Gas shows its commitment to green energy by offering various green energy tariffs, and advice to its customers on implementing renewable energy within their businesses, through heating and hot water design, installation and maintenance. Additionally, they can advise on the most new and innovative technology such as air source heat pumps, boilers powered by biomass and solar panels! The energy supplier also collaborates with the Carbon Trust to independently audit businesses and certify them if they meet the standards for sustainability. 

Should you choose British Gas as your green energy supplier, they will fund green energy projects, offset carbon usage when customers purchase gas and will match electricity consumption by investing in energy generated via renewable methods. 

Mobile App for British Gas Customers

To help customers and businesses get the most out of their business energy, British Gas have developed a mobile app for iOS and Android devices making tracking your usage, uploading meter readings and paying your bills a simple and straightforward process. You can also use the British Gas app to book and manage appointments with engineers to service or repair your boilers, as well as register for British Gas boiler cover. 

British Gas – What Do Our Experts Think?

British Gas is one of the UK’s leading domestic and business energy suppliers, and for good reason! 

To name a few, British Gas offers competitive business energy rates, a wide range of tariffs to suit the needs of your business, high quality products, services and customer service, as well as a commitment to renewable energy and helping to create a low carbon future for Great Britain! These are some of the reasons why the experts at Fidelity Energy love British Gas, but if you want a full list of the features and how our experts ranked them, see below:

British Gas  Rating 
Business Energy Rates ★★★★☆
Tariffs Available ★★★★☆
Products and Services ★★★☆☆
Sustainability Score ★★★★☆
Customer Support ★★★☆☆
Customer Reviews/Ratings ★★★☆☆
Resolving Complaints Score ★★★☆☆
Smart Meters ★★★★☆
Clear Bills and Statements ★★★☆☆
Aid for Vulnerable Customers ★★★☆☆
Mobile App ★★★★☆
Payment Options ★★★★☆

For more information on how the team at Fidelity Energy compares prices for business electricity, gas and other business energy prices and to get the best deals for you and your business, get in touch with our expert team now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does British Gas Offer Products for Energy Efficiency?

British Gas is committed to being a sustainable energy supplier and the company itself offsets its carbon emissions to reach carbon neutrality! Part of its mission is to offer customers and businesses with products to encourage energy efficiency and to mitigate energy wastage. When taking out a British Gas business energy contract, you can invest in energy efficient boilers, or for those who want to make a larger investment into business sustainability, you can purchase air source heat pumps. 

How do I Cancel my British Gas Contract?

Cancelling your business energy contract with any energy supplier can be slightly problematic depending on the time remaining on your contract. It is important to inform British Gas that it is your intention to cancel your contract and then you will be able to do so. However, it is important to understand that businesses with fixed tariffs may have to pay a cancellation fee if they are not within their agreed notice period for cancellation. 

What are British Gas’ Contact Details?

British Gas have a comprehensive FAQ section on their website which is more than likely to answer any questions or queries you may have, as well as a full live chat function where you can talk to real people! You can also make use of the app for booking appointments with engineers and arranging repairs and services. 

Is British Gas the Best for Business Energy?

At Fidelity Energy, we work with a number of suppliers to get the best deals for you and your business! Find out more about our suppliers and get our honest, unbiased reviews at Fidelityenergy.co.uk.

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