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BlogBest Gifts for Equestrian Lovers 2023

Best Gifts for Equestrian Lovers 2023

As we jump headfirst into the Christmas season, we’re all in that mad dash to find the perfect gifts for people we love. If you have an equestrian lover in your life, whether they just love horses or are hardcore racing fans, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you to get them this year.

Buying Shares in a Horse — Racing Club

Shares in a Horse

If someone in your life loves to get involved with horse racing, consider buying them a share in a racehorse. Racing horse syndicates are groups of people who team up to own a horse to keep individual costs down. And shareholders don’t miss out on the benefits of owning a horse, as the syndicate sends them updates on their horse, arranges meetings with the horse, and can even net you an owner’s badge. And, of course, you’ll receive a portion of the horse’s prize winnings.

If you’re interested in signing yourself or a loved one up for a racing syndicate, we suggest you check out Racing Club. Their shares are fair and start at just £45. All shares at Racing Club are fixed-term, so there are no hidden fees or upkeep costs, and renewal is optional and discounted. For the right person, a racehorse share could be the perfect gift! Head to racingclub.com to find the available shares today.

Stables Guided Tour

An excellent gift idea could be a guided tour around one of the many racing stables across the UK. These tours usually take you to meet the horses and let you observe their training, with the opportunity to talk to the trainers and ask questions. Depending on the stable, you may also have the option to stay for lunch and make a day out of the experience.

It isn’t hard to find a stable near you, so it’s worth looking around to find one that meets your, or your recipient’s, expectations. These tours can vary in price depending on the stable you’re looking at and the experience they offer. For example, catered tours will cost a lot more, as will more prestigious stables. However, you can usually find tours from around £50–£250.

One Night Horse Racing Break with Tickets

There’s nothing a racing fan likes more than a day at the races. But what if you get them something even better than that? Try an overnight racing experience! You can book trips that include both tickets to the races and a stay at a hotel, allowing you to take the event to the next level. Trips make special gifts, especially when taken together, and this could be a gift that both of you remember for the rest of your lives. 

This is a pricier gift option, and will likely put you out a couple hundred pounds, especially if you choose a good quality package. 

Learn to Play Polo Experience

While regular riding lessons may be a good gift for a casual fan of horses, the avid fan likely doesn’t need them. So what do you get instead? Polo lessons! Let your horse lover put their existing skills to the test by learning to play this game of technical riding! 

Even if it doesn’t spark a new pastime, it’s an experience your horse lover won’t soon forget. This will likely cost more than your average gift, but it will definitely be a memorable one.
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