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BlogLessons learned from Safer Gambling Week

Lessons learned from Safer Gambling Week

Last month saw the sixth annual Safer Gambling Week.

Safer Gambling Week is an initiative that sees bookmakers and the gambling industry promote and send messages about safer gambling online and throughout the UK’s betting shops.

The intention is that those who may be struggling to gamble responsibly feel supported and know where to turn for help.

This year’s campaign marked the movement’s most significant achievement to date, with an impressive 8 million safer gambling messages shared on social media platforms across 20 European countries. 

Gambling responsibly

Those in the online gambling industry are keen to prioritise the safety of players and make sure they gamble responsibly. The campaign has some key points that you can use throughout the year to keep your gambling habits in check.

  1. Decide how long you will play for – Set a timer so you aren’t tempted to play just one more game.

2. Consider how much you are willing to spend – set a budget and stick to it, not only will you lose less you will enjoy the game much more. Many gambling platforms offer a feature allowing users to set a limit on their account, ensuring they do not exceed a specified amount.

3. Set an amount you are willing to lose – gambling is not a guaranteed income. Always ensure you have enough in your account to cover you monthly essentials. 

4. Take regular breaks during gameplay – Big wins and big loses are key times to step away, regroup and just take a break. Never make any rash decisions after a monumental game. 

More key points to consider

Always make sure gambling is low on your list of priorities, never place gambling ahead of spending time with real people and real situations.  Don’t turn down the opportunity to go out for an evening in alone gambling. 

If you start to feel your gambling is out of control or friends and family have started to mention your gambling habits, always remember that help is available and there is always someone to talk to that can help.

Resources like the National Gambling helpline (0808 8020 133) is a free advice line that offers advice and tools to get your gambling under control.  SaferGambling UK is a huge resource for players that might be struggling. Gambling online at reputable site is fun and exciting way to pass the time as long as you make sure you are doing it responsibly. 


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