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Lifestyle and WellbeingBehind the Glamour: Model Chloe Amour Talks Body Confidence

Behind the Glamour: Model Chloe Amour Talks Body Confidence

Chloe Amour, an acclaimed model with a substantial following of over 2.1 million on Instagram (@realchloeamour), is openly discussing her struggles with body confidence, despite receiving widespread admiration online. Freya Coombes explores Chloe’s journey, highlighting the model’s personal challenges and victories, and the empowering effect of sharing her experiences on social media.

Based in Los Angeles, 32-year-old Chloe Amour has garnered attention for her striking appearance and significant online presence. Despite frequent praise from her followers, she confesses to ongoing self-esteem issues, a sentiment echoed by many women. Chloe, once reliant on fillers to augment her looks, has recently chosen to reverse these enhancements.

In an insightful conversation with NudePR, Chloe Amour talks about the cathartic experience of sharing her personal journey with the online community. “I may be a model, but I have body issues just like other women,” she reveals. Chloe reflects on her evolution from facing criticism in her younger years for being thin to finding empowerment and a sense of allure through posting provocative images online.

Chloe speaks openly about her past insecurities and the difficulties she faced in her youth. “People have always seen beauty in me since I was young, but I didn’t become more comfortable with it until adulthood,” she says. She also touches upon the loss of friendships due to envy, which further impacted her self-confidence and made everyday activities challenging.

In 2020, Chloe embraced a fuller figure after gaining 20lbs. While initially struggling with her new shape, she now celebrates her body, thanks to the positive reinforcement from her audience. However, she acknowledges that she still battles negative self-perceptions and body dysmorphia occasionally.

Chloe also discusses her experiences in dating, underlining the significance of self-appreciation in finding true affection and acceptance. “I realised, how can I find love if I can’t love myself?” she muses.

Now, Chloe Amour aspires to motivate others to accept and love their bodies and imperfections. She advises, “I sometimes struggle to love my body, but I have accepted no one is perfect. You should try to love yourself, as others see you as beautiful.”

Her story underscores the complexity of body confidence in today’s digital age and the vital role of self-love in navigating personal challenges.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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