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PropertyIs the Tide Changing for UK Mortgage Approvals? An Expert Q&A Session

Is the Tide Changing for UK Mortgage Approvals? An Expert Q&A Session

Mortgage approvals in the UK have been on a downward trend, raising concerns among homeowners and potential buyers. Open Property Group has conducted research on the current state of mortgage approvals in the UK and has gathered insights from industry experts. Here’s what the experts had to say:

Question 1: Do you forecast an uplift in UK Mortgage Approvals within the next 12 months?

Ben Grey from CHN Financial Consultancy believes that there might not be an immediate uplift in mortgage approvals. He highlights concerns not only for applicants but also for valuers who are becoming increasingly cautious. Valuation issues are causing buyers to either come up with additional funds, which may not be readily available, or attempt to renegotiate prices—a challenging task in the current market.

On the other hand, Mark Hansard from First Financial holds a more optimistic view. He anticipates an approval uplift, citing that people have become more accepting of slightly higher interest rates. He also mentions a surplus of properties on the market as Buy-To-Let landlords are selling off their portfolios, creating opportunities for first-time buyers.

Question 2: Have you spotted any Mortgage Approval patterns across specific regions?

Ben Grey suggests that while it’s not strictly region-based, areas with inflated house prices in recent years are experiencing stricter valuations.

Question 3: Have you spotted any Mortgage Approval patterns based on property type?

Wayne Hill from M&G Mortgages notes that more people are turning to flats rather than houses for mortgage transactions.

Question 4: Have you spotted any Mortgage Approval patterns based on first-time or second-time buyers?

Wayne Hill mentions that they have observed more approvals for first-time buyers compared to second-home buyers. He speculates that existing homeowners are cautious about taking the next step in the housing market, considering the doubling of mortgages and increasing interest rates.

Mark Hansard from First Financial adds to the discussion by mentioning that some lenders are offering increased income multiples for higher earners, and some are allowing clients to put more on interest-only mortgages if they have a suitable repayment plan in place. He believes that first-time buyers getting accustomed to rates between 3% to 4.5% might not necessarily be a negative development.

Open Property Group, specialists in helping homeowners sell their properties quickly, acknowledge the ongoing market uncertainty. They suggest that there is a growing understanding of what the ‘new normal’ for interest rates might look like compared to a year ago. However, they also note that fluctuating market conditions suggest a more cautious outlook rather than a bullish one.

For the complete Expert Commentary Q&A, you can visit https://www.openpropertygroup.com/landlord-hub/uk-mortgage-approvals/

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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