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ArtEmbark on a Thrilling Chase Through History with Autistic Author Jude Morrow's...

Embark on a Thrilling Chase Through History with Autistic Author Jude Morrow’s Upcoming Novel ‘Dan Cooper’

Jude Morrow, the critically acclaimed autistic author, is set to release his latest masterpiece, ‘Dan Cooper,’ on October 30, 2023. This gripping novel promises to take readers on a captivating journey through one of aviation’s most enduring mysteries: the hijacking of Northwest Orient Flight 305 on November 24, 1971, by the enigmatic figure known as ‘DB Cooper.’

The Tale Unfolds:

As dusk settles over the Pacific Northwest, a man by the name of ‘Dan Cooper’ boards Northwest Orient Flight 305 from Portland to Seattle. Armed with a bomb-laden briefcase and a determination to vanish into thin air, he successfully extorts $200,000 in ransom and four parachutes, all delivered to him on the runway of SeaTac International Airport. After freeing the passengers and forcing the aircraft to take off once more, Cooper takes a daring leap into the unknown from the rear staircase of a Boeing 727 somewhere between Seattle and Reno. But beneath the audacious surface of this act lies a complex web of secrets—secrets from his Canadian past, wartime adventures, and a life that challenges societal norms. As the world embarks on a relentless hunt for him, FBI agent Clifford Harding grapples with his own obsession, questioning the motivations driving his relentless pursuit.

Jude Morrow’s Craft:

A native of Derry, Northern Ireland, Jude Morrow is renowned for his deep and immersive storytelling. His knack for authenticity has garnered him critical acclaim, with his previous work, ‘The Ghosts of Riots Past,’ receiving global recognition. Jude’s literary journey also includes his candid exploration of growing up as an autistic child and later, an autistic adult, in his first two works, ‘Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?’ (Living Now Book Awards Gold Medal winner) and ‘Loving Your Place on The Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint,’ both published by Beyond Words, the publisher of ‘The Secret.’ Jude’s thought-provoking TEDx Talks, frequent appearances on conference and after-dinner speaking circuits, and feature in Forbes (February 2023) attest to his growing influence.

Beyond the realm of books, Jude is the visionary founder of Neurodiversity Training International and the driving force behind the innovative EndeeSphere app. Demonstrating his unwavering commitment to authenticity, Jude even underwent skydiving training to infuse ‘Dan Cooper’ with unparalleled realism. This dual narrative, weaving together Cooper’s perspective with the relentless pursuit by the FBI, promises readers an emotional roller-coaster ride and profound insights into the enigmatic hijacker.

Jude Morrow shared, “I was immediately captivated by the story of DB Cooper and wanted to get inside the man’s head; why did he do this? What happened to him? and how did he do it? I read through the FBI paperwork and witness statements and used everything everyone said about Cooper to craft a believable character. Some say that taking up skydiving to write a book is extreme, but then again, James Cameron had a nearly full-size replica of Titanic built for his 1997 film!”

Why This Book?

Amidst the recent global intrigue surrounding DB Cooper, fueled in part by the success of the Netflix series “DB Cooper Where are You?,” Morrow’s novel arrives at an opportune moment. Jude Morrow explains, “The story of DB Cooper fascinated me. Delving into the psyche of such a man and crafting a believable character of Cooper, why he did what he did, and where he went afterwards using real case evidence and testimonies from those who saw and interacted with him.”

CooperCon Appearance:

Fans of the book and DB Cooper enthusiasts alike can look forward to meeting Jude Morrow at the CooperCon festival, taking place at Boeing Field in Seattle from November 17th, 2023. Here, he will engage in in-depth discussions about his novel and the historical puzzle that inspired it. Organised by Cooper sleuth Eric Ulis and fellow historians from the DB Cooper Mystery Group on Facebook, CooperCon promises to be a captivating event.

Early Reviews:

Early readers of ‘Dan Cooper’ have already praised the novel’s unique narrative voice and its sensitive portrayal of the trauma experienced by both passengers and crew. With a gripping first-person confession from Cooper and a heart-pounding climax, this novel is poised to reignite interest in the enigma of ‘DB Cooper.’ Jude Morrow’s decision to publish independently ensures a raw and unfiltered narrative, allowing characters to shine unencumbered by mainstream pressures.


‘Dan Cooper’ will be available for purchase on Amazon starting October 30th, 2023, in both paperback and e-book formats. It will subsequently be made available through major online book retailers in the weeks that follow.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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