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FinanceNavigating the Challenge of Dealing with Bailiffs: How to Secure a Repayment...

Navigating the Challenge of Dealing with Bailiffs: How to Secure a Repayment Plan

When the specter of bailiffs looms over you, the prospect of negotiating an affordable repayment plan might be your lifeline to prevent them from knocking on your door. This guide outlines the reasons why negotiating such a plan is crucial, the steps to take, and what to do if your offer is refused.

Why Negotiate a Repayment Plan?

Regardless of whether you’ve received a Notice of Enforcement or are already grappling with the presence of bailiffs in your home, initiating a repayment plan can be your ticket to avoiding further fees and potentially warding off a visit altogether. It also demonstrates your commitment to addressing your debts, which can strengthen your position with both the bailiffs and your creditors.

If You Can Pay Your Debt in Full…

If you find yourself in a position to clear your debt entirely, consider this option. It enables you to settle your debt before the bailiffs arrive, sidestepping additional charges and the need for a repayment plan.

If You Can Pay Part of Your Debt…

If you have some available funds but can’t cover the entire debt, reach out to the bailiffs directly. Surprisingly, they may accept a reduced payment as it expedites debt resolution, even if it falls short of the full amount. Ensure you make the payment using a traceable method, such as a card or cheque, and request a receipt for your records.

If You Can Pay in Instalments…

Even if paying the entire or partial debt is unfeasible, consider proposing a series of smaller payments over time, especially if you have a regular income. While bailiffs aren’t obligated to accept such arrangements, they may be receptive if the proposal is realistic and fits within your budget.

How to Negotiate a Repayment Plan

Before initiating negotiations with the bailiffs, prepare a budget sheet. This document should detail your monthly income and expenses, revealing your disposable income. Share this sheet with the bailiffs, accompanied by a brief letter explaining your inability to pay the debt in full but your willingness to make regular payments, either monthly or weekly.

Consider sending a copy of this communication to your creditor as well. They’re the ones who instructed the bailiffs initially and may be more inclined to accept your offer. Locate their contact information online or through Companies House, and if posting, use recorded delivery or obtain proof of postage.

If the bailiffs or creditor agree to your repayment plan, request a written agreement, signed by both parties, for confirmation.

What to Do if Your Offer Is Refused

Regardless of the response to your repayment plan proposal, continue making payments to your creditor if possible. Even modest payments demonstrate your commitment to addressing your debt.

If bailiffs decline negotiation, try reaching out to your creditor directly, as they may be more flexible. Alternatively, if your debt is with the County or High Court, you can apply to the court for assistance.

If navigating negotiations proves challenging, consider seeking support from an experienced debt advisor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They can advocate on your behalf, assist with budgeting, and determine realistic repayment amounts.

Understanding Controlled Goods Agreements

When preemptive negotiation fails, and bailiffs have already entered your premises, they typically establish a Controlled Goods Agreement. This agreement details items they could seize and sell to recover the debt if necessary. However, this action doesn’t occur immediately. You can continue using these items (though not sell them) and have time to settle your debts and the bailiff’s fees or arrange a new repayment plan.

Facing Bailiffs? We’re Here to Help

If you’re confronting bailiffs and need guidance on securing a repayment plan, our experts at Bailiff Helpline are ready to assist you. Contact us at 0161 8260 585 or send us a message today.

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