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BusinessBoosting business resilience: VPN advantages in a digital world

Boosting business resilience: VPN advantages in a digital world

Everyone’s talking about virtual private networks or VPNs. But what are they?

Originally, VPNs were mainly used by IT professionals to provide secure remote access for roaming users and connect different office sites across the internet.

However, in recent years, VPNs have gained popularity among privacy-conscious consumers and become an essential tool in their surfing toolkit. But can this new version of VPN also benefit businesses?

The VPN advantages for business

#1 Increases productivity

The need to be connected is only taking root and there is no visible change in this direction. Digitalisation in the digital world is conquering more and more people and this trend will continue. In business, this is even more important, especially to keep leaders connected.

With VPN apps you can provide free access to the Internet and commercial servers. If you think that business security is not violated when you try to connect from a cafe, then you are deeply mistaken.

But if you use a VPN for Mac, all traffic will be encrypted. For example, VeePN has military-grade 256-bit encryption. It is wise to download VeePN and use it both at work and for personal purposes. This increases productivity and safety at the same time

#2 Free access to content

Internet users encounter varying content availability worldwide. Travelers and remote workers often face obstacles accessing videos or articles in foreign countries. Difficulties in accessing data resources via local servers make working abroad challenging. VPNs offer a potential solution, enabling travellers to freely define their digital location with server locations worldwide. IP anonymisation allows users to bypass content restrictions.

With a diverse range of servers available, workers can always find the most efficient route to essential resources. Regardless of their location, workers remain connected to the office. Users enjoy unrestricted access to documents, news sites, and blogs. Nothing hinders their progress, including government censorship and corporate filters.

#3 Get the best deals

VPNs are also useful for online shoppers. Many eCommerce websites focus on offering exclusive deals to buyers in specific locations. For example, airline tickets in San Francisco might be priced higher than those purchased in New Orleans. Prices are influenced by location, as companies attempt to maximize their profits from different markets.

Although this marketing strategy benefits corporations, it is detrimental to consumers. However, VPNs provide a solution by circumventing the geo-filters that determine deals for shoppers. By changing their virtual location to different parts of the country or even the world, shoppers can seek out the best bargains and potentially save a significant amount of money.

#4 Security

If your company doesn’t require site-to-site tunnelling or formal remote access provisioning, there are still two characteristics you are likely to share with larger businesses. First, you probably have resources in the cloud, such as data or business apps. Second, you probably have travelling or remote users. A VPN service can enhance your security without requiring expensive data centre-grade routing hardware if your company has either or both of these characteristics.

You can establish a secure connection to the resources they access, such as files stored on Dropbox Business or apps provided via Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium. While these services offer their security measures, adding a VPN connection on your end can further protect you and your business.

#5 Avoid ISP throttling

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) impose bandwidth throttling by reducing the connection speed of specific users. Typically, data throttling targets users who download large amounts of data, although ISPs may also limit the torrenting of smaller files. Throttling can lead to complete download cut-offs or cause slight delays in gaming or streaming.

Fortunately, VPNs offer a solution. When using a VPN, ISPs encounter difficulties in applying bandwidth throttling. IP address anonymisation conceals the identity of data packets, preventing ISPs from identifying file downloaders and making it impossible to detect when a user surpasses their data limit.

#6 Resilience and stability of business

During natural disasters, cyberattacks, or power outages, businesses gain a vital advantage by maintaining uninterrupted operations. VPNs play a crucial role in this aspect by enabling businesses to sustain productivity, even when physical offices are inaccessible.

VPNs empower employees with secure and efficient connectivity, allowing them to work remotely. This ensures the continuity of essential tasks and minimises disruptions. By utilising VPNs, businesses can maintain crucial operations, provide uninterrupted services to clients, and preserve overall productivity during challenging times.

Moreover, VPNs contribute to robust disaster recovery strategies by facilitating backup and recovery processes. In case of a disaster, businesses can quickly recover and resume operations, mitigating the impact and minimising potential data loss.

Crucial VPN advantages

VPNs offer numerous crucial advantages. As we’ve observed, their benefits encompass improved privacy, convenient access to international content, encrypted data transmission, and safeguarding against ISP data throttling. Moreover, companies can establish secure connections between central offices and remote workers. Additionally, VPNs are cost-effective, and flexible, and serve as invaluable security tools when integrated into a comprehensive security setup. Though not flawless, their efficacy remains undeniable.


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