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ConstructionStopDigging celebrates elevation of ground screw technology in UK

StopDigging celebrates elevation of ground screw technology in UK

A Manchester duo is revolutionising local construction projects with the use of innovative ground screw technology, which eliminates the need for concrete.

Manchester-based Andy Niedzwiecki and Parmjit Khatkar of StopDigging – the Swedish company renowned for ground screw technology – are proud to announce a significant milestone.

StopDigging has become the first ground screw company in the UK to earn the esteemed BBA (British Board of Agrément) certificate to redefine industry standards but also underscore StopDigging’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

What are ground screws?

Ground screws streamline and accelerate the installation process, reducing the time required for foundation work. This efficiency is particularly valuable for projects with stringent timelines.

They also obviate the need for conventional concrete foundations, resulting in substantial savings in materials and labour costs for construction companies.

Landmark achievement

Ground screws represent more than just a technological advancement; they embody a
transformative shift in construction methodologies. The advantages they offer to the construction industry are manifold as they have a minimal environmental impact compared to concrete foundations. They are reusable and generate no concrete waste, aligning with sustainable construction practices.

Ground screws are adaptable for a wide array of construction projects, spanning from residential dwellings to commercial edifices, decking, balconies, and more, to provide a stable and enduring foundation, ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and structures over time.

Dedication to excellence

Mr Niedzwiecki, regional director north, said: “The StopDigging ground screw solution is a brilliant innovation for eco-friendly building in Manchester I’m excited to be growing this business on my home turf.

“The North West faces some unique challenges when it comes to construction both at a domestic and commercial level, and with our ground screw solution that requires zero concrete we have a great opportunity to serve the local community with eco-friendly solutions for everything from home extensions to commercial building projects.

“Achieving the internationally recognised BBA certification adds further excitement
to our future plans; where we can help even more northern homeowners, property developers and commercial contractors with efficient, sustainable and flexible groundworks through ground screws.”

Pioneering progress

StopDigging’s certification not only signifies its commitment to excellence but also charts a course for industry-wide transformation. As the first ground screw company to attain this prestigious certificate, StopDigging invites other authorities and companies to explore the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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