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Different Ways Of Creating A Sleek & Modern Office Space

When you want to create a sleek and modern-looking office for your business, there are many things you can incorporate into the overall design to help achieve your desired aesthetic. You will need to look at the expense of fitting out your office space to a high standard as an investment, which is worth making for your business. By creating a comfortable and efficient office space, you can boost the productivity of your employees and well-being, making them happier, and staff retention rates will increase. It can also attract the best talent in your industry when you look after your workers and provide a quality working environment. Below, you can see different ideas you can incorporate into your office design to create a modern and stylish office that is comfortable and efficient.

Ergonomic Furniture

Your employees spend a lot of time at their workstations, and ensuring their comfort can help boost productivity and reduce strains and injuries. Ergonomic furniture design looks to support the body in critical places and helps prevent many injuries, including back pain. It does cost more than other options, but most ergonomic furniture is made to a high standard and comes with a long warranty, and it usually lasts much longer than cheaper options. Investing in quality ergonomic furniture for your office can pay for itself when it is looked after and maintained correctly, with many places to buy this type of furniture throughout the UK.

Open-Plan Layouts

More companies are embracing the open-plan layout for their offices, which can help make a smooth and unrestricted workflow and boost productivity rates within your workforce. It also helps ensure that your office space has plenty of natural light, so you use less electrical lighting and save money on energy consumption. Having this type of layout for your office openly encourages communication and collaboration and helps create a sense of unity with your workforce. You can still divide spaces using low dividers or partitions, which will help you to define different work zones while maintaining an open feel for your office.  

Plenty Of Natural Light

Increasing the natural light in your office space can significantly impact the productivity of your employees and also help to enhance people’s moods. Large windows are essential, and if possible, you want to install skylights to maximise the natural light in your office. If you use partitions within your floorplan design, consider using glass ones that can still provide thermal and acoustic insulation but allow the daylight to pass through unhindered. You may still need curtains or blinds on the windows but ensure you can fully open them and not restrict the light to maximise the natural light in the office.

However, you will also need electric lighting for your office, and you should ensure you select suitable LED lighting for it, which is cheaper to run and lasts longer. You can also use a Smartphone or a computer to control the lights if they are Smart LED lights and change the brightness and even colour of the lights if you want to.

Install A High-Performing Ceiling

Many office buildings have high ceilings; if left untouched, they can cause an echo in the space, increasing noise levels. To prevent this, you can install a suspended ceiling in your office space, available in many different styles, designs, and materials. These dropped ceilings are an excellent way to high cables and the ducting from your HVAC system, and you can also use them to install additional insulation if there is enough space. You can arrange the lighting within the grid so your area has ample light, and you can also use a light-reflective ceiling tile to help boost this. There are also acoustic ceiling tiles, which can further dampen the noise and help to make a comfortable working environment for your employees.

Collaborative Spaces

You can also create collaborative spaces or breakout zones in your workspace that can be an excellent location for meetings and brainstorming sessions. You can create pods or have an area with bean bags or other inspiring seating and create a space that inspires creativity. Ensure there are facilities for holding a meeting, such as a projector or screen and conferencing equipment, and you can also have meetings online there. However, it will need to be in a quieter area of your office if you embrace an open-plan design, so noise levels do not become an issue.

Embrace Bold Colours

We are slowly moving away from the drab and dreary office décor, and companies are embracing bold colours to help improve the aesthetics of the workplace. Colour can significantly impact use within the workplace, and can help boost creativity and productivity, and affect our mood. The best colours for your office space will depend on your business and the type of work you do, but you can use multiple colours in different office areas, which can be beneficial. You can click here to see how some colours affect your employees and select the best ones for your business when planning your office colour scheme.

Embrace Nature

Many companies are moving towards more biophilic designs for their offices, which embrace nature, bringing it inside the office. An excellent way of doing this is adding lots of greenery to your office space through plants and flowers. They can help clean the air in the office, and they can boost creativity and concentration levels in your workers, as well as look fantastic and be inspiring. You can even encourage your employees to bring in a plant for their desks, which can help create a modern-looking and comfortable office space.

These are a few ideas of what you can do to create a modern and comfortable office space for your employees, but you can consider many other things. You want to speak with expert office designers who can help you create the perfect office for your business and incorporate the design elements you want. They can help you maximise your use of space and offer ideas you have not considered, allowing you to create the ideal office that looks fantastic, is comfortable and boosts creativity and productivity within your workforce.

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