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BusinessHow to Create a More Functional and Professional-Looking Office Space for Employees

How to Create a More Functional and Professional-Looking Office Space for Employees

Is your current office space in desperate need of a makeover? Do your employees look uninspired as they sit at their desks daily? Maybe you’re feeling self-conscious of the image the space gives off when meeting with customers and clients. All of these reasons and more can signal that it’s time for a change. Here’s a simple guide on how you can create a more functional and professional-looking office space that suits your employees perfectly.

Choose a Design Style That Will Anchor the Project

Creating a professional workspace requires thought and purpose, and a good place to start is by picking a design style or concept. Once you have made this choice it makes all other decisions easier. A design concept or style should include a colour palette and a general goal such as modern, contemporary, traditional, etc. This is how you ensure that the space looks elevated and will impress customers and clients who enter the building.

The Layout Needs to Make Sense for the Office Flow

As you are working on the design style, this is a great time to also think about the layout. There are several factors to consider such as which departments should be seated next to each other, how storage will fit into the layout, how much space to give each employee, how to carve out meeting space/meeting rooms and ensure they have privacy, where the breakroom will be and so forth.

When it comes to privacy, will each employee have a private office? Or will you be using cubicles? You may also want to consider a more open floor plan to make it a communal space. The decision should factor in the kind of work employees do.

Many people find it best to use an office floor plan so they can visualise where everything and everyone will go. You’ll find lots of examples of floor plans online that can help inspire you. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a small or large space, the floor plan will prove incredibly useful. It will be the blueprint that guides the entire makeover.

Check Out the Trending Paint Colours for Offices

If you need some design inspiration, you may want to check out the trending paint colours for offices in 2023. You’ll notice many of the trending colours are neutrals and there’s a good reason for this. It helps to keep the space welcoming, and calming and ensures that the paint would be out of style in a year. It also works with a wide array of décor and furniture, making it easier to pick those items. Some of the trending paint colours worth considering include white, soft brown, light grey, rich earthy green and pale yellow.

Swap Out Basic Hardware for Interesting Pieces

Office spaces can often feel predictable and boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case in your workspace. Just because you may not have a bold paint colour on the walls, doesn’t mean you can’t make bold decisions elsewhere. Try swapping out the basic hardware – such as door handles, for something more stylish that gives it a customised look. Brass door handles will completely transform the look and vibe of the office. Front door handles will be the first thing people notice as they enter the space, so why not make a stylish first impression?

Also, if you’re going to update the front door handles and the interior door handles, don’t forget to go for the total approach. This means changing all the door furniture – handles, hinges, locks and doorstops. Everything needs to be in the same style, material, finish and colour.

What About Office Décor?

Choosing office décor can be tricky for business owners. Your natural inclination will be to grab pieces that appeal to you and that you’d likely put in your house, but remember, an office is different. This is a professional space that needs to strike the right note with employees and customers. Ideally, the décor should be quite neutral as you’re probably not trying to make a statement.

Artwork such as pictures, paintings and sculptures tend to be the best choice; you can opt for abstract work, geometrical shapes, nature and landscapes, animals and more. It’s about making the space feel finished and as though it has a personality.

If you have hard surface flooring, you may also want to look into decorative rugs that can be strategically placed. For example, placing a decorative rug in the main reception or waiting area will act as décor.

A Full Lighting Project Is In Order

Lighting is one of those features that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves during a renovation project. The fact is that, in an office space, lighting is both functional and can act as a design and décor element. When chosen properly, your light fixtures will pull a design concept together and can make a statement.

For office spaces, you’ll need to choose a variety of lighting. This gives employees more control over how much light they have when working, and where the light is concentrated. Use such fixtures as overhead lighting, track lighting, task lightings like desk lamps and even recessed lighting.

And as helpful and necessary as artificial lighting is, be sure to also play up any natural light that the office space gets. Natural light not only brightens the space, but it also acts as a mood lifter. It can help with focus and creativity and create a more welcoming environment for employees. It’s still wise to install blinds on windows so employees can decide how much light to let in, but they shouldn’t be covered in heavy window coverings or blocked by furniture.

Office Furniture Shouldn’t Be a Rushed Purchase

Since you’re doing a full makeover project to make the space more functional and professional-looking, new office furniture should be on the to-do list. It’s easy to just purchase standard pieces that will work in the space, but that’s not going to elevate anything. To inspire your employees and ensure they reach peak productivity, you need to supply them with comfortable, ergonomic pieces that enhance rather than hinder their abilities.

A few key things to factor into the buying process include:

  1. How much space does the desk offer? Can employees spread out their work and not feel cramped?
  2. Will you offer in-desk storage? If not, where will their storage be?
  3. Is the office chair adjustable so that it can be customised by each employee?
  4. Is the chair padded for extra comfort?
  5. How will you set up the computer on the desk to ensure it adheres to ergonomic practices?
  6. How durable is the furniture, is it built to last?

What About New Office Equipment?

The final item to potentially replace is the office equipment. If your staff needs new desktops or laptops, phones, printers and fax machines, now is the time to purchase them. You would then be starting fresh with everything in perfect working condition.

Working your way through this guide and taking your time to make smart design choices will ensure that your office space is not only functional but highly professional and stylish looking.

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