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HØJ Unveils a New Era of Smoking with the Reinvented HAMP and Compact HAMP mini

Leading innovator in high-quality smoking accessories, HØJ, proudly introduces the reimagined HAMP and HAMP mini, a pair of hemp rolling papers designed to redefine shared and solo smoke sessions. These launches embody HØJ’s commitment to offering a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and value, all while elevating the smoking experience.

Revolutionising the Smoking Scene

On September 21st, HØJ is set to launch the freshly enhanced HAMP, promising to revolutionise the smoking scene. Incorporating feedback from the dedicated HØJ community, this luxury rolling kit has been refined to perfection. The airflow-optimised and robust filters promise smoother and more efficient smoke sessions, ensuring that each roll delivers impeccable taste and efficiency.

Redesigned Packaging and Exclusive Access

Part of the allure of the new HAMP is its redesigned packaging. Sleek and stylish, it reflects the premium quality of the product while offering exclusive access to HØJ House. This unique digital Web 3.0 app features a wealth of resources, including how-to tutorials, advanced rolling guides, and a platform for direct communication with the dedicated team at HØJ.

Golden Leaf Experience

The HAMP experience doesn’t stop there. To up the ante, HØJ has hidden a 24k smokable hemp gold leaf paper in every 200th pack. Upon finding the Golden Leaf, the lucky winner can claim a free HØJ product of their choice worth up to $179*, elevating the HAMP experience to one filled with anticipation and excitement.

Introducing the HAMP mini

On September 29th, HØJ will be launching a more compact hemp rolling paper to its collection, the HAMP mini. Tailored specifically for personal or solo sessions, it offers all the innovative features of the larger, King Size Slim HAMP in a more manageable 1-1/4 rolling paper size. Just like its older sibling, the HAMP mini carries the thrill of locating a Golden Leaf in every 200th pack, keeping the element of intrigue alive in every roll.

A Lifestyle Upgrade

“With the new HAMP and HAMP mini, we’re pushing the boundaries of the traditional smoking experience,” says Simon V. Folmann, Founder of HØJ. “We’re not just offering premium hemp rolling papers; we’re offering a lifestyle upgrade. The chance to discover a Golden Leaf turns each roll into an exciting quest, adding an exhilarating layer to the HØJ experience.”

Available Online

Both HAMP and the HAMP mini rolling papers will be available for purchase online from their respective launch dates on HØJ’s website (www.hoj.life). So, whether you’re planning a shared session or a personal retreat, elevate your smoke experience with HØJ’s latest offerings in hemp rolling papers. Rolling is half the experience, so roll with the best.

Terms and conditions apply. Read more at: https://www.hoj.life/policies/terms-of-service

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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