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BusinessRE:SCULPT founder shares top tips for growth with females in business

RE:SCULPT founder shares top tips for growth with females in business

RE:SCULPT fitness studio is going from strength to strength – and its founder is sharing top tips to help other female entrepreneurs achieve the same.

Five months on from launching the high-intensity reformer pilates-inspired venture on Chapel Street, founder Becky Barrett has created more new jobs.

The former ballerina and fitness instructor moved to Manchester from London after the pandemic and had a vision to set up RE:SCULPT from anticipating a post-pandemic fitness trend.

She expected to see people living and working around the central Manchester area looking for an exciting and invigorating way to set new fitness goals – and the uptake at her studio was unreal.

Prepare for every eventuality

Becky said: “One piece of advice I’d give to other women thinking of starting a business – you won’t be able to prepare for every eventuality – but do as much homework as you can for every area of your business so that when the proverbial ‘hits the fan’, as it will at times, you will be as ready as possible to deal with it, both in real terms and emotionally.

The 44-year-old founder went on to give some helpful tips for those hoping to give a new business a go.

“Know your market and trust your instincts. When things are tough or not going well, which will happen, don’t take the easy route and start to divert markets, because it won’t be the easy route in the long run. Instead, revisit how you’re going to target your current market.

“It’s really important to say ‘no’ and put ideas in the ‘no’ bucket. Everyone else always thinks they’re an expert on your business!

“And listen to all the podcasts, read all the books, take advice but you don’t have to use it all. A lot will inspire you, but much will be completely irrelevant….people do love to embellish their journey on a podcast interview!”

New recruits for RE:SCULPT reformer pilates studio

Eight bed boutique studio RE:SCULPT opened in April 2023 and has since recruited eight instructors with a further four in training.

Now Becky is looking to fill three additional front-of-house jobs as demand for the classes has been much higher than expected.

Becky added: “Extra classes have been added to the schedule as well as more staff to take those classes with more than 80% capacity since launch. We are the only reformer pilates studio in the North West that offers the ‘reformer+ beds’ that are the ‘largest in both length and heaviest in weight with the greatest resistance range so lots of people are coming to us.

“Workouts can be designed to be a much higher intensity to build fitness and strength through continuous muscle movements, while remaining low impact and controlled, targeting all the deep muscle fibres.”

Using reformer-inspired fitness to support an active lifestyle

“Since we’ve opened we’ve been able to support athletes from experienced runners to professional rugby players from the region who have recognised how resistance training and fitness combine in a controlled environment,” Becky said.

“Equally, if you do a lot of heavy weight training but don’t often combine it with resistance-based strength training, you will benefit from our high-intensity workouts to build fitness and flexibility in a controlled way.”

Hold true to the vision

“I’ve held true to the vision, determined to bring something intense, impactful and fun to everyone, at all levels of fitness,” added Becky.

“The beauty of what we offer is that workouts are fully immersive and of a higher intensity, making us the most advanced reformer pilates fitness class in Manchester.”

Opening offers for newcomers

A range of opening offers are available for ‘newbies’. Classes are suitable for all levels, with instructors offering variations within the exercises.

They’re not for the faint-hearted though, classes are challenging but extremely rewarding. For a full list of pricing and to book online, visit: www.resculptstudios.co.uk/#prices

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