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BusinessDistinctive Welsh Distillery Expands Prestigious Spirits Collection with Novel Vodka Creation

Distinctive Welsh Distillery Expands Prestigious Spirits Collection with Novel Vodka Creation

Wild Moon, an acclaimed Welsh distillery, renowned for its award-winning spirits, is poised to broaden its opulent selection with an innovative addition—Vodka. Hailing from Wrexham, North Wales, this distillery was established by the visionary Jade Garston, a Welsh enchantress with a penchant for conjuring exceptional concoctions. The new vodka, christened “Lammas” in homage to a pivotal phase of the Wheel of the Year, is a manifestation of the first grain harvest, marking a season of gathering and gratitude for nature’s bounty.

Embedded within familial roots, the distillery has been producing spirits since 2019, earning commendation and recognition from eminent bodies such as the Great Taste Awards. With a trifecta of their spirits adorned with accolades, Jade Garston and her adept team envision a promising trajectory for their latest creation—the triple-distilled vodka.

Distinguished by its unique identity as the sole female-owned distillery, influenced by the lunar rhythm, the Wild Moon distillery crafts its elixirs with distilled Welsh water sourced from the Ffynnon Beuno Welsh mountains. This aqueous essence resonates with the Celtic pagan origins of the Welsh Witch Spirit assortment. The intricate crafting process involves meticulously guiding the vodka through reiki-imbued crystals—aquamarine, amethyst, and moonstone—infusing the spirit with energy cleansing properties, fostering equilibrium and completion. The final touch entails hand-corking and waxing each bottle in the distinctive apothecary style emblematic of the brand.

Jade Garston, a distinguished female distiller, one of the rare gems in the UK, articulates, “Our freshly minted vodka is a captivating addition to our treasury. It’s been an ardent labor of time and dedication, and we’re thrilled to present it to the world. Our passion lies in perpetually crafting beverages that resonate with people’s hearts, and each of our spirits is imbued with an intricate process that sets it apart in a realm of its own. The artisanal essence of our North Wales distillery, reflected in small-batch production, ensures meticulous care and devotion to every nuance, aligning seamlessly with our core values.”

Jade’s sentiments continue to flow, “We’re eagerly anticipating the response from our cherished customers regarding our nascent vodka. Personally, I relish it and often pair it with a rejuvenating botanical cola. In the imminent future, you’ll spot our vodka adorning the shelves of your local bars and pubs, holding court alongside our distinguished gins and rums. This is a moment brimming with excitement for the Wild Moon Distillery.”

Those enticed by this novel elixir can procure it starting today via the distillery’s online emporium: https://www.wild-moon.co.uk/. A direct link to the distinguished vodka can be found here: https://www.wild-moon.co.uk/shop/welsh-witch-vodka

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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