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Ecotyre Services Reveal What To Do If You Suffer a Puncture on the Motorway

Punctures and motorways are not things that we like to think of in the same scenario, but they do happen, and they can be exactly as serious as might be imagined! But in any crisis situation (and there is no certainty that your motorway puncture will be a serious issue for you) there are steps you can take to ensure your safety and that of the people around you. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Reduce Your Risks
Good quality tyres are a great way to avoid having punctures on the motorway (saving unexpected circumstances such as a bit of debris on the road) to ensure that your tyres are always in great condition! Regularly inspecting your tyres for signs of wear and tear, such as tread depth, cracks, or bulges, is very crucial as it can significantly reduce the chances of punctures. If you notice that your tyres are becoming old and worn, and if you are thinking to get a new set or want to replace old ones, it’s essential to go to a reputable garage: you can trust Eco Tyres Stevenage Centre for your safety on the roads as they ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Don’t Panic!
Having your car suddenly stop responding to your commands, or even began to slip and slide out of control is an awful feeling, but stay calm, and think your way through the emergency. The best way to be able to manage this in the heat of the moment is to imagine and work through a sensible reaction to such an event beforehand. Talk to someone who has been through it if you aren’t very good at playing pretend. Knowing what it will feel like: a moment of terror, a sense of ‘oh no’ – but knowing that there will then come a moment when you can react and reduce the impact of the puncture on your drive will help you to anticipate and take advantage of that moment.

Do Not Brake!
It is tempting to slow everything down by hitting the brakes, but in the event of an uncontrolled slide, touching the brakes can disrupt the movement of the vehicle in an even more unpredictable way.

Regain a Modicum of Control
At some point (and we are talking within seconds here) you will realise that the car is able to be steered, slowed, and stopped. Do this as carefully as you can, easing over to the side of the road, or into the hard shoulder – and do flick on your hazard lights if you are safely able to do so. This will warn other road users, especially those who haven’t noticed that you have a problem, that you might be moving unpredictably and for them to be cautious.

Slow Down and Stop
Your aim should now be to get as far off the road, and out of the way of other drivers, as soon and safely as possible. Bring the car to a stop as best you can, apply the brakes, and/ or leave it in gear. Leave the hazard lights on, get out of the car (on the inside, away from traffic) and move to a safe distance before summoning road-sided assistance.

Wait for Assistance
Call for assistance immediately, either through emergency roadside services or by using your mobile phone, and wait for help to arrive. Avoid accepting help from strangers, especially if it involves getting into their vehicle. If someone stops to offer assistance, it’s safer to ask them to call for professional help on your behalf.

Remember, your safety is the top priority. Do not take unnecessary risks by trying to resolve the issue yourself on the motorway. Instead, wait for professional help to ensure the puncture is handled safely and efficiently.

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