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BusinessReplik Hair - Pioneering Scalp Micropigmentation Specialists in the UK Market Experience...

Replik Hair – Pioneering Scalp Micropigmentation Specialists in the UK Market Experience Remarkable Growth and Innovation

Replik Hair, an avant-garde Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, has recently made a momentous move to their new headquarters on Chorley New Road, spurred by an unprecedented surge in 2023.

Their expertise lies in offering a cosmetic tattooing procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) catering to both men and women grappling with hair loss, receding hairlines, and thinning hair. Serving clients across the North West, including Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, Leigh, Horwich & Preston, 2023 has proven to be a surprisingly prosperous year despite the UK economy’s downturn.

Business Owner Chelsea expressed her enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing hair loss solution in the UK, so it’s no wonder that ReplikHair is only soaring higher! It’s an immensely rewarding career, and I truly cherish what I do. I encourage anyone facing hair loss concerns to reach out to me, and those intrigued by joining this industry can connect with me anytime to explore training options!”

Unveiling the Enigma of SMP:

SMP entails the meticulous application of colour pigments on the scalp, artfully replicating the appearance of real hair follicles. This technique can create a new hairline, add volume to thinning hair, conceal bald patches or head scars, and even camouflage hair transplant marks. Typically conducted over 3-4 sessions, SMP ensures a natural and imperceptible end result.

As a distinguished Scalp Micropigmentation Training Academy, Replik Hair not only provides top-tier SMP services but also empowers aspiring SMP practitioners with the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. Their comprehensive training program is thoughtfully designed to equip trainees with the essential skills and knowledge to execute SMP with finesse and assurance.

Under the seasoned guidance of business owner and SMP specialist Chelsea Cousins, Replik Hair has earned a sterling reputation for delivering exceptional results to clients. Chelsea’s expertise guarantees a personalised approach to each client’s SMP treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to their individual requisites.

A Glimpse of the Replik Hair Team:

The distinguished team at Replik Hair consists of highly skilled and extensively trained scalp micropigmentation specialists. Their services encompass alopecia camouflage, scar concealment, hair transplant enhancement, and SMP correction. These professionals have undergone comprehensive training, including the OCN Level 4 Scalp Micropigmentation course for beginners, and specific training for machine-trained semi-permanent make-up artists.

Their mastery in scalp micropigmentation enables them to create lifelike and authentic-looking hair, endowing clients with the illusion of thicker and fuller tresses. Be it addressing male pattern baldness or female hair loss, the Replik Hair team is steadfast in their mission to bolster clients’ confidence and elevate their appearance.

A Commitment to Excellence in Customer Service:

At Replik Hair, the focal point extends beyond delivering top-notch scalp micropigmentation services; it encompasses providing unparalleled customer support throughout the entire journey. From the initial consultation to the final treatment session, the Replik Hair staff is devoted to ensuring each client’s comfort, informed decisions, and overall well-being.

Understanding the essence of clear communication, the team remains accessible to address any concerns or queries clients may harbor. Their objective is to ensure a gratifying experience, leaving clients contented with the results of their treatment.

The Replik Hair team has garnered an admirable reputation for their proficiency and unwavering dedication to customer service. Clients can trust that they receive the utmost care and attention to address their unique needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

Contact Details
07583 103379 (& WhatsApp)
[email protected]

Main Clinic:

29 Chorley New Road
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