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Top 5 B2B Remote Video Production Companies

B2B companies can use animated videos for their marketing campaigns in the same way they do it in B2C; however, in this case, the target audience is not retail customers or service users but businesses. Yet, there are some specific features in terms of content and accents; B2B video is definitely different from B2C. For this reason, if you want to have it done professionally find an experienced B2B video production company that will be able to implement your ideas most efficiently.

Are there no such companies in your city or town? It’s not a problem as these days animated videos can be booked and shot remotely. All you need to do is fill in a brief, contact production managers, discuss all the ideas, and get your final product. Of course, the process is a bit more complex but what we mean is that you can order a high-quality B2B video from anywhere and with any company of your choice.

This article features the TOP 5 companies that will make you a quality B2B video remotely.

Top 5 B2B Remote Video Production Companies

Zelios Agency

This Ukrainian company specializes in animated video explainers along with showreels and advertising videos of various formats, including B2B. The production team offers you high-quality “turn-key” video-making services that will guarantee the full implementation of your ideas with a concise and straightforward explanation of your business or service.


A Colombian web studio, Webdew specializes in website development and has been working in the sphere of animated videos since 2016. They make 2D and 3D videos, corporate clips, and many other products. The company suggests a complex approach to B2B video creation for brands in any niche; they also work remotely.

Testimonial Hero

This agency claims that their B2B videos help their clients close deals with their partners 40% faster. The company boasts a lot of positive customer reviews; their professional approach is one thing that has been mentioned the most. The main point – their videos really convert.

Explainer Video Hero

This company’s trump card is speedy product delivery. The whole process, from script writing to a finished video, takes them only 10 days. This is fast indeed, especially if we consider the complexity of the work they do. The quality of their videos is truly remarkable and you can check it yourself on their website.

Alconost Video Production

This is an international production team that creates videos in more than 100 languages. They are also one of the most experienced companies that make B2B videos for various brands; at the moment they have more than 1500 successful cases highlighted in their portfolio.


If you want to increase your conversion rates with the help of animated B2B videos, you should book a professional team. This can be done remotely, and you only need to fill in an application form on the chosen company’s website. This will allow you to make your marketing campaign more efficient and introduce your product to a wider audience.

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