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EnvironmentRevolutionary Technology 'Roadvent' May Complement ULEZ in Delivering Pristine Air

Revolutionary Technology ‘Roadvent’ May Complement ULEZ in Delivering Pristine Air

The revolutionary infrastructure solution ‘Roadvent‘ manifests an astounding 91% reduction in roadside air pollution. The extension of the ULEZ’s coverage area is scheduled for the 29th of August, with an envisaged daily charge of £12.50, aiming to incite drivers to transition towards greener vehicles and embrace public transportation, forsaking their dated conveyances.

Notwithstanding the substantial impact the ULEZ is poised to exert on London’s overall air quality, the battle for unpolluted air shall not reach its culmination here. In numerous pollution hotspots, communities shall still grapple with substandard air quality due to extensive congestion from newer vehicles and ULEZ-paying polluters.

The disruptive innovation ‘Roadvent’ presents a practical solution to elevate air quality in challenging locations wherein concentrations of pollutants jeopardise community well-being. These vents, embedded within the thoroughfares, adeptly attract traffic emissions, thwarting their dissemination towards pedestrians and neighboring structures. The captured emissions then undergo a sophisticated 3-stage filtration process housed within its roadside air cabinet.

In the aftermath of Rishi Sunak’s recent directive for a formal appraisal of the Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTN), coupled with manifold allegations of the scheme exacerbating pollution on adjacent roads, numerous local authorities are actively seeking alternative measures to combat air pollution. At least 5 local authorities have already initiated plans to implement Roadvent installations at pivotal hotspots within their ‘Air Quality Management Areas,’ where pollutant levels surpass the legal limits prescribed by DEFRA.

The Roadvent technology is also being deployed at ambulance docking bays in UK hospitals, with the intent of impeding emissions from queued ambulances from infiltrating A&E departments and compromising already-vulnerable patients. The air quality improvements instigated by this groundbreaking infrastructure intervention possess the potential to be profound both indoors and outdoors. Scientists are determined to quantify Roadvent’s impact on enhancing patient outcomes, expediting treatment times, and optimising drug delivery efficiency.

Thomas Delgado, the visionary behind Roadvent and the CEO of Pollution Solution, remarked on the ULEZ: “To abate air pollution levels, we must embrace a multifaceted approach, amalgamating measures such as the ULEZ to curtail city-wide averages, alongside localized solutions like Roadvent to mitigate surges in overburdened regions.”

TfL has also left open the possibility of testing or implementing Roadvent. In response to a query from MyLondon regarding the feasibility of the technology in London, a TfL spokesperson stated: “We are enthusiastic about collaborating with innovative partners to comprehend the potential of novel technologies in ameliorating London’s atmospheric conditions.”

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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