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How to Effectively Use Instagram Polls for Market Research

Social media has gone through a significant transformation. What was once a simple virtual hangout is now a nest egg for success.

Brands use social media polls for the purpose of gaining a more profound understanding of customers. Learning about their preferences through these polls allows brands to remain competitive.

Instagram is a famous example of a social platform well-known companies use for this purpose. Part of the “Big Three” of the social media arena, most users become more interested in a specific brand after seeing an ad about it. That’s why the visibility of your content is key. Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content based on relevance and engagement. Therefore, the strategy of both organic promotion and advertising requires high-quality and attractive content to attract the attention of users. And the main idea is to improve your exposure with ads or more Instagram likes for your best posts. This statement speaks volumes about the power of Instagram.

Market researchers have caught the trend. They utilize Instagram’s unique features and immense popularity to know their target audience better.

Learn more about the competitive landscape. Deep dive into the intricate world of market research and Instagram polls.

What is Instagram?

According to Statista, Instagram has approximately two billion monthly users worldwide. It is a well-liked sharing platform that can do the following:

  • Posts photos and videos
  • Create stories that stay on your profile for 24 hours
  • Create reels or short-form videos
  • Do livestream videos
  • Shop directly from e-com

Since IG boasts diverse users with different interests and needs, big and small brands can prosper. They turn to IG for a much-needed boost.

What Are Instagram Polls and Why Do They Matter?

In October 2017, IG added a new in-built feature to its long and influential list. Through poll stickers, the user can ask followers a question. The results can be obtained in real-time.

This feature is an exciting and innovative method of engaging prospective customers. Marketers can know more about customer preferences.

The responses are mostly positive. Here are some reasons:

  • Polls Are Interactive.

Participants are in active mode. Polls require them to read the question and respond accordingly. In IG polls, there’s immediate interaction. Users have a dynamic experience.

  • The Visuals Are Appealing.

Just the poll stickers alone are eye-catching. They add life to the user experience.

  • They Are Helpful.

The feedback from these polls allows companies to determine what customers prefer. They can align their products according to the needs they discover.

  • The Results Can Be Part of Market Strategies.

Since polls may include demographic details, market researchers can use them to tailor marketing efforts to suit the target audience’s specific needs.

It’s a breeze to use IG polls. A person can create one in just a few seconds to include it in IG stories.

What are Common Instagram Poll Formats?

There are no specific rules on IG polls. One can pose any question under the sun. But some can get more attention than others.

Also, some polls are more effective. For market research, it is essential to choose the right questions to ask to acquire the best results.

It would be helpful if the market research team had formats and templates at their disposal.

Here are some formats that can set up the research for success.

  1. “Yes and No” Questions

It’s plain and simple. The responders can select from two clear options. The binary nature of this poll can make it easy for the researcher to gather data for analysis.

  1. “This and That” Option

A respondent has two options to select from. It could be a preferred destination: “Paris” or “Seoul,” or a favorite actress: “Meryl Streep” or “Angela Bassett.”

  1. “Would You Rather”

It’s also a choice between two things. But this time, it’s more in-depth because the participants can choose from two scenarios the poll describes.

Would you rather “Read a book” or “Party all night?” is an example. “Would you rather” polls are a means to know a person’s interests and preferences in a fun way.

  1. Emotional Slider

This poll asks the followers to choose from a list by using emojis. For instance, there’s a list of ice cream flavors. For each flavor, one chooses to use an assigned emoji.

Why Market Research Should Be Using Social Media Polls?

Market researchers have a crucial role in assisting brands to gather and analyze data about a specific market. Through the process, a company can create products and services according to the demands.

Market research is a process that can also provide strategies for pricing and market challenges. Furthermore, it can verify if new products or ideas will be well-received.

Here are specific ways social media polls, most particularly Instagram’s, can leverage business reach and reputation:

1. Repurposing Details and Data

Once the replies from the poll have been gathered, market researchers can redevelop the data into ideas for blog posts, email content, and testimonials. These content ideas can be sent to the target audience to read, allowing them to learn more about the products and services offered.

2. Connecting with Buyers

Polls are a way to let the participants know that their voice matters to the business. Product-specific polls convey that the company is working on creating services aligned with customer needs.

Building loyalty is essential. Polls tell followers that the brand has their best interests in mind, forging a bond.

3. Determining What Marketing Ads Would Work

It is vital that ads keep up with what’s trending and relevant. IG polls can help with that. The results can determine how customers want to be informed, encouraging brands to create ads that customers can genuinely engage with.

4. Boosting Brand Awareness

Instagram polls are helpful because they can create brand awareness, especially for the lesser-known ones. The actual polls themselves let people know that such a company exists.

Through market research, the company can repurpose the results of the polls and share them with others. For instance, the email correspondence created can have a link to share with others. When others click on it, they learn of the brand and its services.

4. Working Out a Solution

Every business faces varying concerns, from profits to customer expectations to competition. Using IG polls can be a way to find and implement a solution.

For example, a company has noticed decreased website traffic in the last few months. Market Research can step in, using IG polls, to identify the root cause and develop a solution based on that.

The results from a poll about what people like about the brand are beneficial. What new things they want to see can enlighten the researchers. Market research can discover what needs to be improved. From the suggestions, the brand can regain the popularity it has lost.

5. Creating Excitement and Anticipation for an Upcoming Launch or Event.

There’s a crucial product launch. The market research team can create a poll leading up to the event. With this activity, the launch is hyped up, allowing the users to place their focus on it.

Through the polls, an email invite can be created with specific details that interest the target audience. With captivating email content, people can decide to attend the event and share the information with others for a better turnout.

There could be a question about what the people would want to see in the event.

What freebie do you expect at the (name of the event)?

  1. Personalized tote bag
  2. Limited edition keychain

Creating a similar poll question provides the company ample opportunity to gauge what can make the launch more exciting. Doing this hypes up the event, encouraging people to attend.

How to Add a Poll on Instagram?

Check out the steps below on how to add a poll in IG. But please note that changes in the interface may affect some of the details. It is ideal to efficiently browse the platform for a more accurate and detailed process.

  1. Go to “Stories.”
  2. Select a photo or take a new one.
  3. At the top, go to the sticker button.
  4. Choose “poll.”
  5. From there, a simple poll template appears. Populate it with the question and the two answers to select.
  6. Drag and drop the created poll to a specific area of the image chosen.
  7. Pinch to resize.
  8. Upload.

The poll lasts for 24 hours. It’s like how long a typical IG story would last. The poll and the results can be viewed in the location where one goes to see who views their stories.

Voting is not anonymous, much like on Facebook. The page or account that created the poll can see who voted for what, but the voters themselves can’t see the results.

The results can be shared. There’s a “Share results” button. Once clicked, the system automatically creates a graph based on the poll outcome.

Add a message. Then, share this through your “Stories.” Sharing the results with the audience establishes transparency. The participants will know that the polls are valid and done fairly.


Using social media polls can be a crucial turning point for any brand. But brands must remember to do them efficiently.

  • One tip is to remain consistent. Don’t overwhelm the users with 50 a day! Determine the correct number and how often (daily, weekly, etc.). Work around these details.
  • Use variety. It’s best not to focus on one format. Use “Yes or No” today. Use “Would you rather” tomorrow.
  • Take the opportunity to engage with the participants after the poll. Send a message of appreciation for your participation. Let them know that the feedback is essential.
  • When using the “Would you rather,” be very specific with the situations. Vague questions can lead to vague answers that might not help your purpose for using the poll for market research.
  • Post the polls during peak traffic times. Doing so ensures that you get more responses from people who are truly active on social media.
  • Use the appropriate tone. Remain friendly and relatable.
  • Be careful with the language used. Be moderate with the words. Ensure that the readers can easily understand the questions.

Final Takeaway

Instagram polls are an exemplary market research strategy. They can provide an understanding of the target audience. They give real-time feedback that can benefit both brands and users.

The success of market research will take time to come. However, a team has a reliable source of help in Instagram polls.

Experience new heights. See how Instagram can put brands on the map.

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