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Lifestyle and WellbeingManchester skin health brand SCIENCE OF SKIN receives Patent Protected Technology Approval

Manchester skin health brand SCIENCE OF SKIN receives Patent Protected Technology Approval

Science of Skin, a British-born skincare brand that specialises in scar treatments, today announced that it has received a world-first, patent approval for the pre-emptive use of their hero product, Solution for Scars. An estimated 100 million patients undergo elective surgery in the developed world each year, leaving them with permanent scars.  The patent approval is a significant milestone for the future of skin health, as use of the cream, in advance of surgery, has been shown to significantly improve scar outcomes.

This patent protected technology approval is for pre-emptive use of the active ingredients in the brand’s Solution for Scars. Priming the skin, by applying the cream, twice daily, 3-7 days in advance of surgery, significantly reduces scar thickness and redness and increases pliability and hydration.

The benefits were confirmed by a double-blinded randomised, placebo-controlled trial, which showed that the use of Solution for Scars in advance of surgery lead to significant beneficial effects on dermal scarring. The patent recognises that this is the first time that pre-emptive treatment has been shown to produce better scar outcomes.

“I am so proud that our ground breaking research has been granted this patent” says Plastic Surgeon Mr. Douglas McGeorge MBE, Co-Founder and CEO of Science of Skin. “This is a significant milestone for patients. For the first time, we can pre-treat skin, in advance of surgery, knowing it will improve the scar outcome.  It is a major advance in surgery and wound care, and takes a significant step towards the holy grail of scarless healing.”

Solution for Scars is an award-winning, vegan approved scar cream that is formulated with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. Including, Green Tea Extract (ECGC), Magnolia Bark, Phenohydrane and Vitamin E, it helps to combat the thickness, redness, itching, and improves the elasticity and hydration of scars, which all contribute to better outcomes from scaring. It should be used until the scar is fully mature for maximal benefit.

The best-selling product is already clinically proven to reduce the severity and appearance of existing scars of all kinds on the face and body, caused by injury, surgery, or skin conditions such as acne and chicken pox. In a prior clinical study, Solution for Scars was proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of existing scars by up to 40% after just two weeks of use.

“As a UK business, we are proud to have invested heavily in science and can stand by all our research, particularly when pitted against the giants of the industry” says Emma Blackman, Managing Director of Science of Skin. “Being able to improve scar outcome with Solution for Scars will be, for some, life changing. Our world-first patent for this technology will enable us to help millions of people who might otherwise suffer from painful, unsightly scarring for years” she continues.

“We sell tens of thousands of bottles of Solution for Scars every year in the UK alone” says Emma. “Common customers for Solution for Scars are new mums with C-section scarring. This patent approval for pre-emptive use means that consumers can now treat their skin in advance of surgery, with every confidence that their skin will heal at optimum levels.”

The patent validates the company’s invention, and their commitment to providing effective scar treatment solutions for all. So, what does this mean for the future of scar health? “This will help us to open up our global distribution, gain larger partners within the industry, and enable us to enter new markets with NPD based on our patented, proven technology” says Emma.

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