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UK Space Agency Accelerator Explore Programme Calls for Second Round of Exceptional Applications

Visionary entrepreneurs urged to submit applications for the highly anticipated second round of the Explore programme by the UK Space Agency Accelerator.

Embarking on the 21st of June, the UK Space Agency Accelerator unveils its call for applications for the Explore programme’s second round. This unique programme offers unparalleled assistance to space entrepreneurs through a collaborative effort involving the UK Space Agency, Entrepreneurial Spark, and Exotopic.

Following a successful initial round, where the Explore programme propelled a dynamic cohort of entrepreneurs to new heights of success, covering diverse sectors like STEM education, sustainability, data analytics and AI, as well as satellite and rocket hardware development, the programme now seeks the next group of ambitious and forward-thinking space entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Their mission: to drive innovation, foster economic growth, and promote sustainable practices in the space industry.

Ashley Johnson, the visionary founder and CEO of Applied Atomics, a UK-based space company dedicated to harnessing sustainability and atomic technology, was a proud participant of the inaugural Explore cohort in 2023.

Reflecting on the experience, Ashley expressed, “The accelerator has been an extraordinary journey from beginning to end. Not only did it help us achieve our desired outcomes, but it also provided a realm of discovery and inspiration that fueled our rapid business growth. Our designated tech enablers, who expertly balanced technical and business perspectives throughout the programme, were instrumental in our success.”

The second round of the Explore programme will award 30 highly sought-after fully funded positions to selected participants, making it an ideal opportunity for those venturing into the commercial space industry. The programme welcomes entrepreneurs who either aim to establish businesses based on their existing space expertise or bring fresh ideas from other sectors such as aerospace, law, quantum technology, farming, environmental engineering, or healthcare, with potential applicability in the space domain.

Portia Bircher, the Local Growth Manager at the UK Space Agency, emphasised the tremendous potential within the space sector and highlighted the UK Space Agency Accelerator’s role in supporting diverse ideas and talents to seize growth opportunities.

“The Space Accelerator stands out due to its provision of expert guidance, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within our cohorts to stimulate business growth. Our focus on commercialisation ensures the development of sustainable businesses, creating long-term employment opportunities and driving economic growth across the entire nation,” explained Bircher.

The Explore programme represents just one facet of the UK Space Agency Accelerator’s offerings, catering to early-stage innovators. Collaboration with universities remains a crucial aspect, as the Explore Programme provides a pathway for students to enter the space sector and fosters vibrant knowledge exchange between academia and industry. Building a community is central to their approach, uniting current and former programme participants with emerging clusters of space-related activities, thereby creating critical mass that benefits not only the space economy but also its adjacent sectors.

With a comprehensive support system designed to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey, selected participants of the Explore programme will receive mentorship from seasoned industry experts, gain access to an extensive network of partners, and receive customised resources and training tailored to address their unique challenges. Setting itself apart from other programmes, the Explore programme places significant emphasis on cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets and fostering a growth-oriented attitude, both crucial for achieving business success. In addition to addressing personal growth, the programme equips entrepreneurs with a diverse skill set, nurturing capable and credible individuals while instilling unwavering confidence and focus on their goals.

Entrepreneurs interested in applying for the Explore programme can submit their applications through the official website, https://www.ukspaceaccelerator.co.uk/explore. The application process remains open until the 25th of August, and successful applicants will commence the programme on the 25th of September.

To learn more about the UK Space Agency Accelerator and submit an application, please visit https://www.ukspaceaccelerator.co.uk.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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