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Giveaways are great at reaching your ideal clients – here’s what you should know about them

Welcome to the online marketing world, where hosting promotional giveaways is one of the best ways to get people talking about your brand. A survey from Easypromos reveals that 92.6% of marketing specialists organize giveaways, and 66.8% of them use more than one networking platform to offer gifts to the public. 

Businesses in all sectors use giveaways to engage with more prospects and draw attention to their services. This marketing strategy is quite effective at building interactive brand engagement and a loyal customer base, especially when used periodically. 

At the end of the day, people have always loved free things, so the possibility of a juicy win would sound appealing to almost everyone. 

Suppose you want to use a broader range of marketing tools to engage the public; you should find out what promotional giveaways bring to the table. 

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Benefits of giveaways for businesses

People usually appreciate the opportunity of receiving free products or services and even sharing prospective gifts with their loved ones. Giveaways keep your brand in the minds of your prospects and encourage visits to online and offline shops. The following benefits of giveaways prove they’re an essential component of any marketing plan

People buy from the brands they recognize

Buyers like familiarity and are more inclined to buy from companies they recognize. Running promotional giveaways helps your target clients identify your brand and reminds them of your products when they’re ready to purchase. Helping your clients to distinguish your brand from your competitors is part of building a relationship with them. The more familiar they’re with your name, the more likely they are to choose your products.

Memorable brands have more sales

If people recall your brand, they might purchase your products. So, use a client gifting service to give them a reason to remember you, and don’t turn to your competitors because they are more visible online. You know what makes your business unique, and now it’s time for your clients to also find it out. Use your logo and slogan on promo products to create a memorable brand, and share your brand’s milestones with your public, to let them know you have experience in the sector.

Increased visibility on social media

Promotional giveaways are usually shared on social media. And as everyone loves the idea of getting things for free, they’ll share your posts with their friends if it increases their chances of winning. Provide complete information about your giveaway on social media pages and encourage your public to engage with your posts to gain more traffic for your profile and website. Greater visibility online means greater chances for the public to recognize your brand when they browse through products they might be interested in. 

Giveaways enable you to reach a broader audience

Regardless of your brand’s existence on the market, it would help if you always looked for ways to find new clients and expand your business. Giveaways are an effective way to reach prospects because they have the potential to engage different demographics, considering they’re primarily hosted online. 

Higher chances to collaborate with other brands

You could join another brand in providing giveaways by developing complex prize packages to foster business collaboration and gain recognition through them. You can include branded products like engraved pens in a bundle to familiarize the public with your brand. This kind of collaboration is ideal for reaching their audience and growing yours. Building strong business relationships can also help you create a more reliable brand image.           

An effective way to promote seasonal items

Unsurprisingly people buy according to the season, so if you have seasonal products, giveaways could help you promote them. For example, people are in the market for breathable clothing, reusable water bottles, and sun protection during the spring and summer. When the fall comes, they’ll most likely look for school supplies and warmer clothes. So, you should take advantage of the season and provide giveaways to encourage your clients to purchase the hot products of the moment. 

Steps to run a successful promotional giveaway

Before you run a promotional giveaway, there are a few things you have to figure out to ensure maximum success. 

Know your goals

There is plenty to gain from each giveaway, so before putting yourself in the position of running one, figure out what you want to achieve through it. The goal will help you figure out what kind of giveaway you must plan and what the best means to promote it is. 

Some great goals are:

– To increase social media engagement

– To generate product awareness

– To grow your online following

– To drive traffic to your website

Pick a prize that’ll attract the public

At the end of the day, the prize is the one that captures the public’s interest, and without a compelling one, you won’t get the buzz you want around the giveaways. In searching for the perfect prize, you must consider some key factors to ensure you pick something meaningful for your public. 

– Ensure the prize is relevant for the target public

– Choose something that helps your promotional efforts (you could customize lighters bic)

– Ensure the prize is suitably valuable (create a complete bundle)

Establish the contest rules

It’s crucial to plan the giveaway’s logistics and rules. You can choose from several types of contests, so according to your goals, you must decide which is the ideal choice for you. Here are some details that could help you establish the rules:

– Who can enter the giveaway?

– What are the location and age limits?

– How long does the content take?

– How often can the participants enter?

– How will you pick the winner?

Ensure that you share the rules with the public so they can determine if the contest is the right opportunity for them.   

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