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BlogThe Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct Ring Size

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct Ring Size

If you are considering buying a ring, you may have encountered the question of choosing the correct size. This can often pose a significant challenge and hinder the acquisition of high-quality jewellery.

To dispel any doubts and help you resolve this issue, FJewellery has prepared a comprehensive guide to UK ring sizes.  It will be an interesting journey at the end of which you will definitely know how to choose a ring for yourself or as a gift.

British ring size classification is used in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and Canada. It is also utilised in some other countries, although not as commonly. In the United States, a different ring size system is used, based on inches or fractions of an inch.

In the photo below you see the UK size chart:



UK Rings Size US Rings Size EU Rings Size
C: 37.8 mm

D: 12.0 mm

A 1/2
C: 39.1 mm

D: 12.4 mm

B 1
C: 40.4 mm

D: 12.8 mm

C 1 1/2 40 1/2
C: 41.7 mm

D: 13.2 mm

D 2 41 1/2
C: 42.9 mm

D: 13.6 mm

E 2 1/2 42 3/4
C: 44.2 mm

D: 14.1mm

F 3 44
C: 45.5 mm

D: 14.4 mm

G 3 1/2 45 1/4
C: 46.8 mm

D: 14.8 mm

H 4 46 1/2
C: 48.0 mm

D: 15.2 mm

I 4 1/2 47 1/8
C: 48.7 mm

D: 15.4 mm

J 4 3/4 48 3/8
C: 50.0 mm

D: 15.9 mm

K 5 1/4 49 5/8
C: 51.2 mm

D: 16.3 mm

L 5 3/4 50 7/8
C: 52.5 mm

D: 16.7 mm

M 6 1/4 52 1/8
C: 53.8 mm

D: 17.1 mm

N 6 3/4 53 3/8
C: 55.1 mm

D: 17.5 mm

O 7 54 5/8
C: 56.3 mm

D: 17.9 mm

P 7 1/2 55 7/8
C: 57.6 mm

D: 18.3 mm

Q 8 57 1/8
C: 58.9 mm

D: 18.7 mm

R 8 1/2 58 3/8
C: 60.2 mm

D: 19.1 mm

S 9 59 5/8
C: 61.4 mm

D: 19.5 mm

T 9 3/4 60 7/8
C: 62.7 mm

D: 19.9 mm

U 10 1/4 62 1/8
C: 64.0 mm

D: 20.3 mm

V 6 3/4 63 3/8
C: 65.3 mm

D: 20.7 mm

W 11 1/4 64 5/8
C: 66.6 mm

D: 21.1 mm

X 11 3/4 65 7/8
C: 57.8 mm

D: 21.5 mm

Y 12 67 1/8
C: 68.5 mm

D: 21.7 mm

Z 12 1/2 67 3/4


Each size is identified by a letter and a number:

  • The letter indicates the size of the ring, which corresponds to a specific diameter of the ring. Each letter corresponds to a certain diameter size, starting usually from size A and ending at size Z. However, there are also letters outside this range for larger sizes. For example, if the ring has a diameter of 17.3 mm, then its size will fall between sizes N and O, where N is 17.2 mm and O is 17.5 mm.
  • The number indicates the diameter of the ring in millimetres. For example, if you fit a size 7 ring, that means the ring is approximately 17.3 mm in diameter. The numbers range from 3 to 16, and there are also half sizes available (e.g., 3 1/2).

There’s nothing difficult about this, is there? Now let’s work out how to determine the size. You will need a soft measuring tape with millimetre markings or a piece of string and a ruler. Follow these steps:

  • Take a piece of soft ribbon or string and wrap it around the base of the finger on which you want to wear the ring.
  • Ensure that the tape or thread fits comfortably around your finger, but is not too loose or tight.
  • Make a mark where the ribbon or the ends of the thread meet.
  • Check the measurement on the tape and write it down. Alternatively, measure the thread against a ruler with millimetre markings to obtain the measurement in millimetres.

Compare the result obtained with the ring size chart in the imperial system. Typically, UK ring size is given in inches or fractions of an inch, where 1 inch equals 25.4 mm.

If the measured length is between two sizes, it’s best to choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit of the ring on your finger. Keep in mind that during summer, a person’s fingers may slightly swell, and a slightly larger size may be required. On the contrary, in winter, fingers become thinner. That’s why it’s worth choosing a ring that isn’t too wide or narrow for you, and has a comfortable fit.

How to select the correct ring size for someone else? Here are some options:

  • Inquire about their ring size. This is a good option, particularly if you intend to spend a significant amount of money on the jewellery.
  • Visit a jewellery store together and have the size measured by a professional.
  • Use the method mentioned above to determine the size covertly. This choice is ideal if you wish to make it a surprise. The only thing left is to wait for a suitable opportunity to take the finger diameter measurement discreetly.

Does the size of the ring affect its price?

As you may be aware, the price is determined by several factors, including the type of material used, the design, and the weight of the piece. Therefore, it is clear that a thin silver ring with a small diameter will be more inexpensive than a larger gold ring.

It is possible to determine your size in the British ring size system by following step-by-step instructions or seeking assistance from a jeweller. FJewellery online store, like many other British salons, offers an extensive assortment of gold and silver rings at attractive prices in their catalogue.


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