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Cake and Conversation with the Royals: Experts Match Personality Traits with Cake Flavours

The Coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching, and it is set to be a celebration that has not been seen since the official crowning of the late Queen in 1953. As tens of millions are expected to tune in to watch the event on TV, along with countless street parties and a nationwide bank holiday, many will be looking forward to enjoying the historical moment with a quintessentially British pairing – tea and cake.

With cake on everyone’s mind, the question arises as to which cake best matches the personality of each member of the Royal Family. Sponge.co.uk, the UK’s largest independent online cake manufacturer, has revealed the perfect cake pairings, including King Charles and the Queen Consort, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and of course, Prince Harry.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex – Ginger and Walnut Carrot Cake

Prince Harry’s personality is best matched with the “ginger and walnut carrot cake.” The fruity sponge with a tinge of spice represents the Duke of Sussex perfectly, with the ginger and walnut highlighting his signature hair color.

Kate, Princess of Wales – Victoria Sponge

Kate, often ranked as one of the most beloved and influential members of the Royal Family, is perfectly matched with the “Victoria Sponge” cake. The Victoria Sponge is classy, quintessentially British, and universally popular.

William, Prince of Wales – Chocolate and Caramel

Prince William best suits the chocolate and caramel cake. Both are smooth, soft, and reliable for any occasion.

Sarah, Duchess of York – Nutella Cake

The “Nutella cake” is the perfect match for the Duchess of York, aka ‘Fergie,’ who is a bit nutty and not everyone’s first choice, but anyone who has experienced meeting her will love her nonetheless. Once given a chance, both the Nutella cake and Fergie will prove a welcomed, unique choice.

Anne, Princess Royal – Lemon Drizzle

Anne’s personality reflects that of the “lemon drizzle” – zingy, sharp, and her conversations juicy. Lemon drizzle, like the Princess Royal, is quite a traditional choice for many – a choice nobody would seemingly regret.

Prince George of Wales – Rainbow Cake

Prince George is perfectly matched with the “rainbow cake.” The cake is fun, innocent, admired by all, and never receives a frosty reception. Its bright, diverse colouring is perhaps representative of what the future of the Monarchy could look like, showcasing a sign of hope and promise as the Monarchy continues to adapt in the post-modern world.

Camilla, Queen Consort – Red Velvet Cake

The “red velvet cake” was the perfect choice for the Queen Consort. It is romantic, passionate, and bright, just like Camilla’s feelings towards her King.

King Charles III – Kale and Apple Cake

As Charles is King, it is only right that we save the best until last. The “kale and apple cake” captures the King’s unique personality and his strong-willed political passions perfectly. Charles has championed greener living for years, and the kale and apple cake’s bright green color showcases his never-ending support for greater sustainability and protecting the environment.

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Sponge.co.uk is set to launch a competition ahead of The Coronation for a chance to have your recipe put into production and sold as a limited-edition special, alongside a number of other gifts. If you fancy yourself as a baker, enter the competition before May 9th for a chance to win! The winner’s cake will be made and sold online, with a portion of the proceeds going to the winner’s chosen

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