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Popular UK payment solutions for online players

Traditionally, funding your online casino account has been difficult. Finding a bank or credit card willing to send and accept funds to internet-based operators used to require a bit of trial and error. As the number of gamblers continues to grow, however, that is changing. Today, there are numerous options available for players all around the world. Which ones are especially popular among UK gamblers? This article will explore some of the common online casino payment methods in the UK along with their pros and cons.

How do you evaluate payment methods?

Before we discuss some of the UK’s most popular payment methods and where we think they excel or need some improvement, let’s talk about what we look for in payment providers. First, we want to see attention given to player security. Is their personal information safe, or is it prone to leaks in data breaches? Next, we want to see how quickly transactions are completed so that players know exactly how long they’ll wait for their deposit to appear in their casino account and payouts to appear in their bank account (or wallet of choice). Finally, what are players saying? Our goal is to recommend popular payment methods UK players actually use, so we pay attention to reviews and comments online.

Here are our reviews of some of the most popular payment methods used by players in the UK.

Debit cards

The first method we’re discussing is perhaps the most common of them all: debit cards. In the past, it was notoriously difficult to pay via debit card at online casinos. Today, most casinos accept them, and most banks accept the transactions. This makes it an easy payment solution that requires little in the way of preparation. Simply input your debit information, pick how much money to deposit or withdraw, and wait for the funds to hit.

There are a few pros and cons to consider when using debit cards at online casinos. They are very quick when making deposits, and most casinos are able to process these transactions instantly. This is important if you are in the middle of a game and want to make a quick deposit, but it’s also a good option for players who don’t want to spend ages waiting on their account to update. Withdrawing funds is a different story, however. Many players report waiting several business days before their funds arrive in their bank accounts, and even more comment on the sometimes significant transaction fees their bank levies on them.

If you want an easy and no-fuss payment solution, debit cards might be your best bet. Just keep the pros in cons in mind and make sure you are willing to live with the consequences of your choice.


An e-wallet, also known as an electronic wallet, is a digital wallet where your funds can be stored, spent, and withdrawn. You are likely already familiar with one of the biggest of them – PayPal, which is one of the most popular payment solutions in the world. It makes the process of spending and receiving money incredibly simple, as do its counterparts such as Skrill and Neteller.

E-wallets is another area where the evolution of the online gambling industry is clear. A few decades ago, the thought of using an e-wallet to pay for online gambling would have been absurd. Even a decade ago, the option was fairly limited. Today, e-wallets are some of the most popular payment methods available to UK players.

As with debit cards, e-wallet transactions are typically processed instantly for deposits and take a bit longer for withdrawals. Players tend to wait less for e-wallet withdrawals than they do for debit card withdrawals, however, with most reporting a processing time of a few business days at most. Note that e-wallets also typically charge fees on transactions. PayPal’s can be especially steep, with cryptocurrency users experiencing fees up to 1.8% of their total transaction and donations subject to fees of nearly 3%. Remember that these fee rates are only applicable to domestic transactions, with international transactions experiencing even higher costs.

If you are willing to pay the fees, e-wallets are a simple way to fund your account and claim your winnings.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are one of the most popular gambling payment options in the UK, and for good reason. Prepaid cards refer to replenishable cards that players can purchase in stores or online and load with a set amount of funds. Some players might opt for a prepaid card of $25, for example, to keep their budget in check. Once that $25 has been spent, the card is worth nothing until the user tops it up again.

There are a few reasons why using prepaid cards is a good option for UK players. First, players can keep their personal information safe with this kind of payment. Because they can purchase cards for cash, a user’s bank account details are not linked with it. If an account is compromised, their private banking information is safe thanks to this distance. Debit cards, on the other hand, are especially vulnerable to being compromised.

There are a few different prepaid card options to consider. The most popular of these are:

  • EntroPay
  • EcoCard
  • Paysafecard

Of these, the latter is the most common and the easiest to find in retail stores.


Similar to prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies do not require users to provide their personal information when buying and selling, keeping their private data safe. This payment solution is also typically the fastest of all that we have listed, typically posting deposits instantly and withdrawals either instantly or within a few hours of the transaction approval.

One of the only downsides to cryptocurrency payments is that not all UK casinos accept them. You’ll need to do a bit of digging before you try to pay.

Are you ready to get started with one of these popular UK casino payment options? Pick one of the providers in our article and you’ll be ready to play in no time.

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