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BlogWho will win this season’s La Liga: Overview

Who will win this season’s La Liga: Overview

La Liga has always been the top-tier football competition in Europe. Following the latest rankings by UEFA, La Liga is second behind the English Premier League, which is why it is not a surprise that all top-tier online bookmakers allow people to wager on it.

Yet, not all bookmakers have the same things because some brands are famous for providing a lot more options than others. Consequently, these sites have more markets for football, as well as other sports.

Back to La Liga, Season 2022/23 is one of the most interesting ones yet for several reasons. Even though Barcelona is leading the chart and looks like it will win the league, two other teams are close by. With that said, let’s learn more about them and see some of the things to be aware of before betting.

Barcelona is the favorite

We’re just a few matches away until the season in La Liga is over, and if we take a look at the leading board, we can see that Barcelona is leading. The team has a substantial advantage over the second team, which is Real Madrid. Consequently, most bookies consider Barcelona to be the favorite and win this year’s La Liga.

The fact that Barca is the favorite also affects bettors because the odds for the team are lower than usual. Furthermore, some of the football betting bonuses may not be active when punting on this team. That’s why clients have to be careful when deciding what to wager on.

Barcelona has several matches ahead of it before the end of Season 2022/2023 in La Liga. Even though we won’t be able to see another El Classico, Barca has to face Atletico Madrid, and it has several other interesting clashes. Therefore, everything is possible.

Real Madrid

The second place in La Liga (for now) goes to Real Madrid. Los Blancos were the big favorite to win this year’s competition, but the team made a lot of mistakes that didn’t allow it to get the maximum points. Consequently, Barca has a solid 11 points lead over its arch-enemy and seems like it will win La Liga. Of course, you can check Betfred to learn more about the odds of this happening and check some of the other things you can bet on.

Betting on Real Madrid is always interesting because this is one of the few big teams that offers good odds. If you look at Betfred or another top-tier iGaming operator, you can see that the odds for Real Madrid are pretty good. Bookies know that this club has millions of fans from all over the world, so users can often find special markets, exclusive features, and even bonuses for those interested in it.

In terms of Ream Madrid’s remaining matches, the team has a few interesting games versus Valencia and Sevilla. That said, Real is still a part of the UEFA Champions League and will play in the Copa del Rey Final versus Osasuna.

Atletico Madrid

The third team that could potentially have a shot at the La Liga title is Atletico Madrid. The latter has been one of the best in Spain in the last couple of years, so most people aren’t surprised it is just 2 points away from Real Madrid.

Betting on Atletico Madrid is always fun because this is among the top-tier football clubs for bookies offer good odds. Betfred is a prime example because the odds for Atletico are often better than those for other big football clubs. Even though the team is not a part of the UEFA Champions League now, it still provides a lot of options.

In terms of the team’s remaining matches, Atletico has a tough game versus Barcelona. However, the club should win its other matches, so it all depends on the results from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Who knows, Atletico might lift the trophy in Spain.


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