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BlogManchester's Casino Industry and Its Effect on Local Business

Manchester’s Casino Industry and Its Effect on Local Business

If you happen to visit Manchester – or live in it – rest assured you’ll have many things to do. Watching football is probably the first thing on your mind, but we recommend something else – playing casino games. You can pick a suitable online casino website by checking out recommendations at Wagering Advisors, but you can also visit one of the city’s traditional casinos. In each case, fun is guaranteed.

But this post is not about gambling itself. On the contrary, we want to talk about Manchester’s casino industry and its effects on local businesses. It’s a fruitful topic, so let’s waste no more time on the introduction.

Job Creation and Employment

The casino industry in Manchester shows a huge potential for job creation and employment opportunities. Let’s start from scratch – the construction of a gambling venue alone generates hundreds of jobs. We are talking about everything from architects and engineers to construction workers and contractors.

But once the casino is operational, there are even more positions for different types of employees. Here are the most notable jobs:

–        Dealers

–        Servers

–        Security personnel

–        Administrative staff

–        Casino managers

–        Bookkeepers and accountants

–        Many more

What’s best, most of these positions are well-paid. A report reveals that a typical salary for casino dealers in Manchester goes as high as £20 thousand per year. It’s not a fortune, but it means the world to local casino workers.

In addition, casino industry jobs aren’t limited to those directly employed by the casinos themselves. On the contrary, there are many opportunities for local businesses to provide goods and services to gambling venues and their patrons.

For example, local restaurants and shops benefit from the increased foot traffic and demand for products and services in the area. This also creates a ripple effect throughout the local economy, leading to even more job opportunities.

Increased Tourism

Manchester has long been known as a vibrant city with countless tourist attractions. But it’s been only recently that the city gained a reputation as a popular destination for gamblers. The casino industry drives a new audience to Manchester, especially those who prefer gaming, live shows, and dining.

According to media reports, greater Manchester’s tourism sector is worth £7.9 billion and attracts 119 million visitors annually. While it’s true that most of them come to visit places like Old Trafford and Manchester Museum, we can’t help but notice that some of these tourists also come to play in local casinos. That’s also how these places became sustainable businesses.

Another detail that we must notice is that the casino industry boosted Manchester’s reputation as a high-quality entertainment destination. Today, casinos help the city draw in visitors who may not have previously considered Manchester as a top choice for a night out.

Tax Revenue

Do you know that the UK gambling market size reached nearly £14 billion last year? A big portion of it comes directly from Manchester, which means that the city gains a lot of money from tax revenue. Unofficial reports claim that the country generates almost £4 billion per year from gambling-related fees and taxes.

Gambling industry taxes make a significant source of income for the UK government and local institutions. For instance, they use the money to fund public services and infrastructure projects, including projects in the following areas:

–        Education

–        Healthcare

–        Transportation

–        Other essential public services

Local authorities in Manchester are strict when regulating gambling operations. There are details restrictions and rules that make casino operations fair. These include age restrictions, advertising rules, mandatory contributions to local charities, and contributions to the treatment of gambling addiction.

In recent years, the UK government also implemented stricter regulations on online casinos. That’s because younger players prefer gaming on the Internet, which also becomes a big source of tax income for Manchester and other cities in the UK.

Economic Multiplier Effect

Before we discuss the situation in Manchester, we need to explain the concept of the economic multiplier effect. By definition, the economic multiplier effect refers to the way in which a change in spending in a particular sector can generate additional economic activity and income throughout other sectors.

For example, when a company invests in a new factory, it creates jobs and income for workers who will build and operate the factory. Those workers, in turn, will spend their income on goods and services produced by other businesses, generating income for those businesses and their employees. This process can continue through several rounds, creating a ripple effect throughout the economy.

You already guessed that this same effect is visible in Manchester thanks to the growth of the casino industry. It greatly contributed to the local economy through the economic multiplier effect. How come?

As we already stated, casinos attract customers and therefore create jobs for dealers, security personnel, and other support staff. These employees can then spend their income on rent, food, clothing, and other goods and services. This generates additional economic activity and income for other businesses in the area.

Moreover, the casino industry is known to attract tourists from around the world, bringing in revenue from outside the local economy. These visitors often stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and visit local attractions, providing a boost to the hospitality and tourism sectors. Additionally, casinos contribute to the tax base of the local government, generating revenue that can be used to fund public services and infrastructure projects.

The Bottom Line

Casinos in Manchester attract local and international visitors. That’s great for gambling venues, but it’s also good for the overall economy. Casinos drive foot traffic to other businesses in the area, so we can even name them the driver of economic activity and employment.

Of course, we can’t neglect the tax revenue. It funds public services and infrastructure projects, benefiting the community as a whole. While it’s still important to consider the negative impacts of the gambling industry, it’s clear that the benefits it provides are substantial.

As Manchester continues to grow and evolve, the casino industry will undoubtedly play an important role in its ongoing development.

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