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Top Ways to Refresh Your Home This Year

It’s important to refresh your home from time to time if you want it to continue looking great for longer. From time to time, it’s normal to look around your home and feel like something needs to be changed. Maybe the current décor looks outdated, or you simply want to refresh things and try something new.

Whatever your reason for wanting to refresh your home, it doesn’t need to be complicated or cost the Earth. There are many low-cost ways to update the look and style of your home, and even small changes can make a big difference. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best ways you can refresh your home this year to update its style and leave you feeling happier and more comfortable.

Replacing Furniture

Furniture makes a huge difference to not only the look of your home but also the function of each room. You ideally want your furniture to make a statement while also fulfilling its purpose, and it’s amazing what a difference replacing your existing pieces can make.

When you’re looking at which furniture to replace, you should go by order of importance, with the oldest and most worn-out pieces being replaced first. If you’ve got any old or shabby-looking furniture pieces, you can potentially upcycle them or simply replace them if you have the budget.

Aside from replacing furniture, you may also want to consider adding new furniture pieces if you have the space. Bringing in new furniture can help make your home more comfortable and functional while also upgrading the overall style of each room. Think outside and inside, with beds, radiator covers, shelves, garden chairs and sofas all worth considering.

Remove Clutter

Clutter can be a serious eyesore and limits how much space you have available for the things that are most important to you. It’s always important to throw out old things you’re not using anymore, especially if they’re broken and no longer have a purpose. When you want to refresh your home on a budget, going through all of your possessions is a quick and simple way to do it.

Look through all of your storage spaces and sort through your old clothes and any knick-knacks you have laying around. Go room by room and sort everything into piles, separating the things you want to keep from those that you can either throw out, give away or sell.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all your unused things, you’ll have much more space which can help to make your home look much nicer. In addition, you can potentially make some extra cash by selling your old things, saving up for something nice or doing some extra home improvements.

Fresh Paint

Adding a new coat of paint to your walls is one of the most effective ways to instantly refresh the look and style of your home. The colour can make a big impact on how things look, but also simply having fresh paint will also look more vibrant and impressive. Don’t be afraid to include the ceilings too, when you paint your room. While unconventional, it can really help to add contrast and a unique look.

When you’re choosing which colour to paint your walls, think about how you want to feel when you’re in the room. Neutral and pastel colours are calming, while bright colours can be invigorating. You’ll also want your furniture, decorations and furnishings to go with the colour you choose.

The finish of the pain can also make a difference to how your room looks. Gloss paint is great for making an impact, while a matte finish is more standard. You can take inspiration on colours and finishes online to get ideas.

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