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BlogWhat 2023 DIY Trends We Can Expect From TikTok

What 2023 DIY Trends We Can Expect From TikTok

With the development of TikTok-influenced home design trends, do-it-yourselfers have a wealth of information at their (digital) fingers. TikTok’s #DIY page has been seen 229.6 billion times, so if you’re looking for inspiration for a weekend project, you don’t need to go any further. A pole-wrapped kitchen island sits alongside ingenious ways to repurpose old Ikea furniture in this bottomless scroll of tips and tricks.

As a site where new DIY and home decor trends can emerge and quickly become viral, TikTok is more than just a handy resource.

It should come as no surprise, then, that DIY gurus who have their fingers on the design pulse are fueling TikTok trends. Based on surveys and studies conducted in the sector, here are eight exciting new directions in DIY. Sustainability, making a relaxing haven, and getting the most out of your money are recurring ideas.

Explore some of the savvy and cost-effective DIY TikTok trends of 2023.

1.   Creating Your Own Wall Decorations

Making art is a skill that everyone can learn.

The caption for a video that Castillo posted. She then demonstrates the process by which she transforms a plain wall in her living room into a work of stunning-looking decorative wall stickers. Effectiveness is maximized in this basic component.

The DIYwallart page on TikTok has received 25. 4 million views and features everything from extremely textured canvases and sponge paint hacks to framed peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like museum-worthy art. These examples indicate that the concepts, not the implementation, are the most challenging component of a project.

2.   Reusing household items as an ornament

Today, homes are being filled at an unprecedented rate with cheap furniture that ends up in landfills. According to a recent article in The New York Times, “each year, Americans throw away more than 12 million tons of furniture, creating mountains of solid garbage that have risen 450 percent since 1960,” citing data from the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s why one of the most exciting and important developments in interior decoration is finding new uses for things you already have.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic method of lowering financial outlays. Because of “record-high inflation and an impending recession,” homeowners “no longer have significant money to spend on DIYs and house design”

3.   Using a variety of styles together

One of the newest trends this year is to get your custom sticker designs and the fusion of disparate design elements into a single, cohesive whole. Organic and contemporary, or country home chic and contemporary, are two examples.

Julie Sousa of @the avantgarde, a Boston-based do-it-yourself guru, and her assistant, Gigi Rodriguez, recently remodeled their apartment to incorporate this style-blend trend.

According to Sousa, the main style they were going for was modern. Thus they made their major furniture purchases (sofas, chairs, coffee tables, floor lamps, and mirrors) in that vein.

Additional Sousa explanation: “The eclectic components emerge from minor things like the wall art, the gilded frames, and the use of vivid colors.” Combining the two complementary styles creates an atmosphere that is fresh and uniquely your own.

4.   Organize your bathrooms like a day spa.

As the epidemic has progressed, the strain on the population has increased and shows no signs of going away. In light of the fact that fewer people are taking vacations than in the past, it is not surprising that many find inspiration in recreating the comforts of a luxury hotel in their homes. The National Kitchen and Bath Association determined that luxurious bathrooms designed to “improve homeowner experiences” will be quite popular in 2023.

Aside from spacious, two-person showers with numerous rain showerheads, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests neutral white color palettes with blues and greens, medium wood grains, bathroom technologies to create a personalized atmosphere, and so on as other spa-like characteristics.

You don’t want to do a full remodel of the lavatory, do you? Achieve a higher level of relaxation in the shower by installing a smart showerhead, such as the Hai Fuse attachment, that incorporates aromatherapy into the water stream.

5.   Clutter elimination on a massive scale

Perhaps it’s because of the exponential growth of the “Marie Kondo effect” each year. Perhaps due to having to stay indoors during the pandemic, the new year will see a firm commitment to a more orderly home life. The National Knockdown Center for the Arts reports that individuals are looking for more and more ways to hide their clutter. That’s why they’re betting on the rise of utility rooms doubled as pantries and mudrooms in the coming year.

Leyla Chong, better known by her TikTok handle @livingwithley, is a DIY guru with over 238K followers. Chong says she found herself fantasizing over Pinterest pins of luxurious mudrooms. Because the foyer had become “an eyesore and a jumbled disaster” after she had moved in, she decided to “install storage that is also aesthetically pleasing.”


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