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Fashion5 top tips on how to kickstart your clothing brand, by an...

5 top tips on how to kickstart your clothing brand, by an expert

  • The clothing industry is a vast and innovative one, and it can be difficult to stand out in such a rapidly growing market.
  • Research demonstrates that the fashion industry contributes almost £20 billion to the UK economy.
  • Expert X shares their top tips on how to effectively kickstart your clothing brand.


Creating a standout clothing company in a fast paced and growing industry can be challenging. However, if successful, your brand can become a household name.

Building solid and effective foundations can be pivotal when beginning your journey, which is why X has partnered with BoD to share their top tips on how to kickstart your clothing brand.


#1 Create a plan

It may sound simple but having a plan with some solid milestones is an essential part of starting out. X says;

“Outlining what it is that you want to achieve is the first and arguably most important step. The questions you need to be asking yourself include ‘who are my target audience?’, ‘how much is this going to cost me?’ and ‘what is a realistic timeframe for this project?’. These are tough questions that may not have an immediate answer, but it must be the first place you start!”

“Set some goals which are realistic and attainable. Identify some obstacles that you may encounter along the way and find solutions to these problems before they have even occurred.”


#2 Check out competitors

Knowing what is already out there is helpful when beginning a new clothing company. X says;

“Take some time to explore what is already out there. What is working, and more importantly, what is not working. Learn from other examples and do not repeat the same mistakes that others have made. Finding a gap when examining competitors is a key part of the process. Take business tips from an array of success stories and bring the ones that align with your plans into your operation”


#3 What makes you different

As already established the market is incredibly crowded. X comments;

“Knowing what makes your company different from competitors is really important. This then needs to be reflected in your brand’s messaging when starting out and emphasised throughout everything you do. Having a unique standpoint in the industry will shine a light on your clothing brand.”


#4 Brand name and logo

A crucial component in any brand’s journey. X says,

“Picking a brand name and logo is an exciting part of the journey, this is a huge part of what makes your company unique. Ensure that the name represents your brand and its ethos! Whilst other parts of your plan may change and develop along the way, your values will stay consistent and will be associated with your brand’s name and aesthetic.”


#5 Marketing and brand awareness

Effectively creating a presence through marketing can make or break your brand. Social media is a powerful tool, and can be your best friend when used efficiently friend. X says,

“Customers are loyal, and individuals enjoy discovering new brands. Create a marketing strategy that will help build brand awareness and form a community. This can be done through various means; ensure you have a strong website and utilise social media to gain a following and reach your target audience. Even if your company is predominantly physical, the digital space possesses unlimited opportunities and is there to be maximised.”

Kickstarting a new clothing brand can feel overwhelming, there are various components that need to be thought about. That being said, you need to start somewhere. Using these tips to build strong foundations will help your clothing brand turn into the success you have envisioned.

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