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BlogHow Formula 1 Has Impacted Upon The Car Industry Worldwide

How Formula 1 Has Impacted Upon The Car Industry Worldwide

Whether it is conscious or subliminal, many sporting worlds heavily impact on day-to-day life the world over. From the parlance used in sports commentary, through to the direct impact sports stars have upon advertising and endorsement, sport has become a huge vehicle within society, that far transcends the white lines of a pitch, court, or track.

In terms of international sporting vocations, few have the global appeal of Formula 1, with the fascination of a car thrashing it around the track at breakneck speed, both relatable and unrelatable in equal measure. In addition, many industries thrive off the back of Formula 1, in particular the online gambling sphere: according to Legalbet, many bookmakers hone in on Formula 1 and the different races taking place in the sporting calendar.

Having first originated back in 1950, few sports can map the evolution of technology and infrastructure that Formula 1 has undertaken in the subsequent 70+ years and the impact of Formula 1 upon society continues to grow exponentially.

Parallels are naturally drawn between the fast and furious world of Formula 1 and the worldwide car industry. Whilst their similarities are often boiled down to fewer than one would think, the way in which Formula 1 is viewed and consumed, has a tangible impact on the car industry as a whole.

Here is a rundown of just some of the ways in which Formula 1 has impacted upon the car industry worldwide:

Same Brands, Different Cars

There are currently 4 teams taking part in the regular 2022 Formula 1 season that represent established ‘regular’ car makers, and this direct crossover goes far beyond placing a badge on the front of a car.

Within the complex world of Formula 1, car manufacturers and engineers are constantly seeking the small percentiles that can shave seconds off a particular car as it travels around a race track. This technology may not be too applicable in the road car world but the engineering qualities that are used in Formula 1 inevitably transfer well over to road car users.

The 4 teams currently racing in Formula 1 that have regular cars on the market are:

Mercedes – A brand that needs absolutely no introduction, Mercedes have long been associated with the luxury car market and their success has transferred well into the Formula 1 sphere. Headed up by Lewis Hamilton again in 2022, Mercedes are one of the main forces in Formula 1, last winning the F1 Constructors Championship back in 2020 – thanks to the exploits of 7-time World Champion Hamilton. George Russell drives alongside Hamilton, as Mercedes base the predominance of their operations in the UK, despite originally being a German company.

The success of Mercedes on the track has certainly had a direct impact on the popularity of Mercedes as a regular car brand and the notoriety of all Mercedes cars remains commonplace all over the roads of the world.

Ferrari – Another iconic brand, Ferrari made their name in the Formula 1 sphere before producing cards that appeal more to regular road use. That said, there is still a huge amount of luxury associated with the infamous red horse of Ferrari and wealth is at the very heart of the aesthetic Ferrari tends to portray.

On the track, success has been hard to come by for Ferrari in recent seasons, and fans will be hoping the dynamic duo of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz can be the catalyst to better things moving forward.

Owning a Ferrari carries a certain level of kudos for any driver and the impact of Formula 1 upon that kudos is huge, making Ferrari arguably the best example of the link between F1 and day-to-day life.

Alfa Romeo – By contrast, Alfa Romeo were an established car brand before moving into Formula 1 – another indicator of the impact the sport is having upon the existing car industry. Based in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo are notorious for producing classy sports cars, which have a certain gravitas to them.

Transitioning into the world of Formula 1 is no easy move, especially with the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull having enjoyed so much success in recent years. Alfa Romeo are languishing in the mid-table of the Constructors Championship in 2022, with the experienced Finn Valtteri Bottas teaming up with Guanyu Zhou on the grid week win, week out.

Propelling Alfa Romeo to a bigger audience through Formula 1 has been beneficial for the company and they will be hoping to crack the congested pinnacle of Formula 1 sooner rather than later.

Aston Martin – Another car manufacturer that has transitioned from regular car production into the world of Formula 1 is Aston Martin. A brand made iconic by the fictional character James Bond, Aston Martin are also in the world of sleek, instantly recognisable car production, all of which only serves to add to the appeal of having such a reputable company in the F1 sphere.

Cracking the very upper echelons of Formula 1 takes time, effort and serious money, something Aston Martin appears to have but as yet, they are yet to really trouble the scorers in too many Formula 1 races. 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel is on board at Aston Martin in 2022, alongside young Canadian hopeful Lance Stroll.

It has been fascinating to see how Aston Martin have developed within Formula 1 since they arrived on the scene back in 2021 and how they will improve moving forward remains to be seen.

Transferrable Technology

Driving a Formula 1 car could not be more different to a ‘regular’ motor, but all of the aforementioned teams have utilised technology used on the track and implemented them into their cars for sale. Ranging from exhaust and acceleration technology, through to communication innovations, there are many transferrable elements between driving a Formula 1 car and a regular road car.

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for innovations and few sports can compete with Formula 1 when it comes to technological advancements. As a consequence, onlookers can expect to see more links between Formula 1 and the worldwide car industry in the future.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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