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A Manchester-based entrepreneur has poured his business brains and creative flair into a range of products specifically designed to help people reach their potential at work.

Pip Decks has created a whole new category of business ‘recipe cards’ to help give people confidence in their careers – whether they are entry-level, management or C-suite.

Brainchild of professional designer, Charles Burdett, the range of Pip Decks products focus on key areas in business that create the most pinch points for employers and their teams. The cards include in-depth guidance for more efficient and enjoyable meetings; aiding teams to hone their communication and storytelling skills and the art of successfully managing a team to greatness.

Pip Decks created the range of expert cards in consultation with top business coaches to bring the most up-to-the-minute training and best practice tips into the decks.

Workshop Tactics comprises 54 unique cards that aim to herald the downfall of pointless meetings and encourage active, engaging workshops.

Calling time on dull presentations is Pip Decks’ Storyteller Tactics, which aims to empower the storyteller to be as relatable as possible to their audience, engaging them from the very first slide.

Joining the range and available for pre-order are Idea Tactics and Team Tactics, which aim to increase the level of support for ambitious career-climbers or bosses who want to invest to get the very best out of their teams.

Pip Decks has also worked in collaboration with award-winning designer Jon Yablonski to create UX Principles – a card deck of psychological principles that helps designers to justify their user interfaces.

The roaring success of the decks has been unprecedented since Pip Decks launched in 2020. The fledgling brand is already counting Google, Apple and the NHS among its customers and with new products coming to market early next year, the business recipe card revolution is well and truly here.

Explore the full Pip Decks range:

Available now 

Workshop Tactics

Ditch dull meetings. Design better products. A card deck of workshop recipes that help you lead your product team to design better products together.

From £59.99 https://pipdecks.com/products/workshop-tactics?variant=39770920321113

Storyteller Tactics

Ditch dull presentations. Tell great stories. A card deck of storytelling recipes that help you influence and inspire your team, stakeholders and customers.

From £59.99 https://pipdecks.com/products/storyteller-tactics?variant=39770996736089

Available for pre-order

Idea Tactics

A card deck of 54 idea-generating exercises that help you explore uncharted territory and innovate beyond the obvious. For Designers, Marketers, Innovators, Strategists, and Change-Makers.

From £49.99 (currently on offer) https://pipdecks.com/products/idea-tactics?variant=40103053426777

Team Tactics

A card deck of 54 organisational and leadership tactics that help you design, grow and nurture effective teams. For Managers, Heads of, Teams Leads and Chief Officers.

From £49.99 (currently on offer) https://pipdecks.com/products/team-tactics?variant=40103570079833

Laws of UX

Build better user interfaces with psychology principles.

In collaboration with award-winning designer Jon Yablonski, a card deck of psychological principles that help you design and justify your user interfaces.

From £49.99 (currently on offer) https://pipdecks.com/products/laws-of-ux

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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