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Thought LeadersDo Zero-Interest Loans Exist?

Do Zero-Interest Loans Exist?

When you are approved for finance, no matter if that’s a loan or credit card, you will have to pay interest on top of the cost of repayments. The bigger the loan is, the more your interest will be but did you know several other factors affect how much interest you pay? Below, we’ll take a closer look at how interest is calculated, and if there’s a way around paying it.

If you are struggling to manage your finances and you are faced with an unprecedented expense, you will be wondering how you’re going to pay for it – this is where payday loans UK can help. They are tailored to your circumstances and mean you can have access to funds in an emergency.

Types of loans

If you are looking to improve your financial situation, or you need help in an emergency, there are a few different types of loans you can choose from depending on your circumstances. Here are a few of the options that you may come across when researching loans with no interest from various lenders:

  • Payday loans: These loans can help if you find yourself faced with an unprecedented emergency – they can be tailored to suit all types of circumstances, they have an easy application and approval rate, and can be tailored to suit each individual.
  • Secured personal loans: These loans require collateral for you to benefit, like a vehicle or property. Secured loans can be an option if you have bad credit, but if you cannot meet the repayments, you will lose your collateral.
  • Unsecured personal loans: These loans allow you access to cash without having to put your assets at risk, they are especially handy for those that have good credit, but because there is more risk because there is no collateral, you will generally pay more interest.
  • Personal line of credit: This gives you access to a pool of credit that you can withdraw money from if you need funds, but unlike a loan, you will only pay for what you withdraw. This type of loan is great for those who would like a safety net when they need it.

How do lenders work out interest?

There are a few things that can have an impact on the amount of interest that you pay on a loan, such as your income. Lenders will need to make sure that you have the money to pay off your loan, and an inconsistent or low income may result in higher interest rates. Your credit report and debt-to-income ratio will also show lenders whether you can repay the loan, if they think you are a risk, your payments will be more expensive. You’ll pay more interest on a loan of a larger amount, as interest is a percentage of your overall loan amount, which is why it is important that you don’t borrow more than you really need. Choosing a loan with a shorter term may mean more expensive payments, but it also means you’ll pay less interest.

Are there loans with no interest?

Unfortunately, you will be faced with interest when taking out any type of loan in some way or another! The interest you pay on a loan is to pay back the lender for giving you access to funds and is a way for them to make back their money, and a little more on top. Interest also makes the risk of lending to a borrower worth taking if you were to default on a loan. Although there are no zero-interest loans, there are other alternatives that could be just as good…


If you are looking for lower-interest finance alternatives, here are a few that you could explore to help your finances when you need them most.

  • Interest-free overdraft: There are banks you could use that offer an interest-free period on overdrafts up to a certain amount. This should only be used in an emergency and should not be used in place of a long-term solution. You will need to check with your bank that you are eligible for your overdraft and ensure that it is the right method for you.
  • 0% purchase credit card: If you have an expensive purchase planned, choose a credit card that allows you to make the purchase and spread out the cost without having to pay interest. You’ll have to do a bit of research to find the best credit card for you, but this is a great way of financing a large purchase without interest. You will need good credit to be approved, so make sure your credit score is in good shape before you apply.
  • 0% balance transfer credit card: If your interest is high on other credit cards, you may be eligible to transfer them onto another card that allows for 0% finance, making it easier to pay off your debt. You may have to pay a transfer fee initially, but this could be one of the best options to make a dent in your debt.
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