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BlogDoes Your Nursery Need a Minibus?

Does Your Nursery Need a Minibus?

Nurseries provide parents with a safe environment for their children to learn and experience new things. As such, you might be looking for ways to improve your nursery’s services and make it more appealing to parents. 

Getting a minibus is a great way to start improving your nursery. If you want to know whether a minibus is the best choice for you, then let’s dive into the possible considerations and benefits that a minibus can bring to your nursery. 

Easy Access to Transportation

The main benefit of a minibus is a readily available vehicle that can transport children. This makes it easier to plan field trips to local parks or other educational facilities, since it removes the need to find a rental vehicle from the equation. 

Furthermore, a minibus can be used to pick up any needed supplies. No need to wait for the delivery day or to hire someone else to transport the supplies. This is especially useful if you’re planning to pick up many supplies that won’t fit in your car. 

Extra Benefits for Parents

Nurseries with minibuses can offer a pick-up and drop-off service for parents and their children. 

A lot of parents become frazzled with the tight morning schedule of dropping off their children at the nursery and going to work themselves. As such, offering this service can lighten up their morning routine. Busy parents may be more inclined to choose a nursery that has this service, since they no longer need to worry about their children safely making it to the nursery.

Selecting a Driver

The driver of your minibus needs to be someone trustworthy and responsible, since they’ll be in charge of transporting children. Hiring at least two drivers ensures that there will always be someone available to drive. 

It’s good to select a driver from your present staff since you already know their background, but make sure to check if your chosen driver has taken any driving safety courses or, if needed by your local government, the proper licences to drive a nursery minibus. 

Getting insurance

When looking for minibus insurance, it is a good idea to get quotes from different minibus insurance providers to ensure you get the best deal. You can get minibus insurance at multiquotetime.com

The type of cover you need will depend on what type of minibus you get. For smaller minibuses, you’ll need to get 9 seats + minibus insurance cover.

Car Seats for Younger Children

A seat belt alone can’t properly protect children from road accidents. That’s because a typical seat belt is not designed for the body structure of children. 

Car seats are the safest way to transport children. Car seat systems can drastically reduce the risk of injury to children. It also reduces the chance that children will become fussy during the trip since car areas are more comfortable to use. Furthermore, it keeps rowdier children from causing trouble during lengthy field trips.


A minibus can bring a lot of value to your nursery business. It gives the staff easy access to transportation for field trips or sudden supply runs. You can also personally oversee the safety of the children and staff before they embark on any trip. Furthermore, it gives parents additional incentives to choose your nursery since they’ll be able to relax knowing that their children will be in safe hands.

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