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The Future Of Marketing Automation

Running a successful digital business is tasking at the best of times, so any tools that can make things run faster and more efficiently are without a doubt a valuable investment.

According to Social Media Today, threequarters of all companies use marketing automation in one way or another, with the vast majority planning to spend more of their marketing budgets on automation tools this year. Recent studies show that 80% of businesses who use automation tools experience more leads overall.

But what exactly is marketing automation and how is it set to adapt over time? If you aren’t already using these lifechanging tools, here’s a little more information for you to further your understanding.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation allows businesses to save time on carrying out repetitive tasks, freeing up time and resources, so that focus can be placed across other areas. These specialisedtools help to streamline the entire marketing process, increasing the chances of making sales and can provide a rich, detailed overview of the behaviour of your customers.

What Are The Benefits?

The main advantage of automated marketing is that it can save you bundles of time – and everyone knows that in business, time is money. By posting anything from email campaigns to product pages at set times on your behalf, you can turn your focus to other tasks that need completing. Another popular use for automated tools is to tailor your content to individual clients. This makes them feel highly valued, building stronger relationships helping to increase engagement and customer loyalty. If you wish to generate more leads, automated marketing tools can also help you target those who engage with your brand the most. With this priceless information, you can carefully create email campaigns to capture these individuals, encouraging them to make a purchase.1uw00L6h8DEAAAAASUVORK5CYII=


Marketing Automation Trends

As these specialised tools take the marketing world by storm, we spoke to email marketing automation experts, Wired Plus, about what advancements we can expect to see going forwards. Here’s what forecasted trends they had to share with us:

1. Advancing Email Marketing Automation: Personalised and u

ser-specific automated marketing emails will drive engagement. Simply including a customer’s name in an email is no longer enough to satisfy your customer base. Utilising a customer’s online behaviour and relationship with your business is imperative for maximising engagement levels. If they have been repeatedly viewing a specific product or service that you provide, why not send them a tailored discount code to nudge them to make a purchase? This also encourages customer loyalty with your customers, making them feel valued.

2. AI Personalisation Tools: AI tools can help with marketing segmentation and consumer profiling for a more tailored marketing approach. These tools can provide you with a deeper understanding of your audience, helping you develop overall engagement by personalising your content. You can even use automation to create a single customer view to create tailored content for each individual customer.

3. Pivoting Paid Media Messaging: Adatadriven strategy with ad messages tailored to user’s profile to stand out from the competition. With so many ads targeting us every single day, it’s important to cut through the noise. Rotating personalised ads to match your customer’s specific interests is a sure way to help you stand out against competitors.

4. Privacy Provisions: Lawful use of consumers’ private information is critical to maintain trust and engagement. Businesses that use cookies and data will need to be more transparent to maintain trust with consumersstrengthening relationships over time.


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